PES 2016 demo launches tomorrow: "How confident is that?"

GRTV published a video with Konami's Adam Bhatti about the upcoming PES 2016 and its demo.

"How confident is that? The consumer will play the game. I'm talking to you, and I appreciate you coming to me and speaking to me about the game. What I say to the consumer they'll appreciate. If you tell them your opinion they'll appreciate it more, because you don't work for Konami. However, they want to make their own choice. They want to have that choice. And we're giving it to them and we know the risks. Listen, we know if they play and they don't like it. That's our day one orders gone and people telling people don't buy it. But actually, no, we truly believe in this game so we think come August 13 they'll play it and go 'everyone needs to buy it'."

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Shazz1622d ago

i must admit pes looks really good this year

CaEsAr-1622d ago

I've put many hours in PES 2015, it was fantastic, aside from some terrible AI mistakes here and there, and the stamina system which was awful. Hope this one get it right.

3-4-51622d ago

I agree, PES 2015 was a fun game, but PES 2016 looks better in every way possible.

With games I KNOW I'm going to buy, I won't play the demo though, I want the initial full experience to be with the full game.

IamTylerDurden11622d ago

PES 2015 was good, i enjoyed it on PS4 but i'm not too thrilled with Konami tbh.

MGSV PP is a must buy solely due to Kojima.

Konami has a long way to go to win me back.

LoveSpuds1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

Could be that Kojima is being a complete dick, who knows? Personally, I dont care about little things like this, there are many worse companies that deserve to be boycotted for real reasons such as tax evasion, worker exploitation and environmental abuses.

Could Konami of handled it better? Sure they could, but they will still get my money if the games they release tickle my fancy.

Summons751622d ago

Well when all reports say working for Konami is living hell....I highly doubt Kojima is the bad guy here. Stop trying to spin it.

skwidd1622d ago

Word has it that Konami does abuse its workers. Sounds terrible. Google it

Baka-akaB1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

Nice try but Kojima being a dick doesnt explain everyone else leaving the ship ... including creators of actually successful and popular franchises like Love Plus .

There are too much tidbits , info , and reports around , some dating from a few years back , to believe that it's Kojima's behavior at fault here , rather than a foul environnment for everyone .

If it's not a deterrent for you to purchase titles you're clearly interesting in , fine , then just say that , it's your choice anyway . But there is not much in the way of defending them

LoveSpuds1621d ago

I am not picking on Kojima here, I personally love his games, I am just saying that nobody knows what happend.

There will be a reason Konami reacted in such an OTT fashion, being a shit company to work for doesnt explain their behaviour. I tend not to believe speculation and hearsay from internet sources and certainly nevery treat it at fact.

Baka-akaB1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

At this stage , while we know nothing about what unfolded with Kojima , as he seems classy enough to stay silent , for now ... the rest goes beyond simple rumor , but reports from serious , reputable sources that dont even care about video games gossips , and simple facts about the way they've treated their former and current employee , and the way they've been leaving in droves in ta rather short span .

And let's be candid , there could never be a valid enough reason to go on a limb to witch hunt even the mention of a game's creator name from his own game , when your whole promotion of the game and the franchise hinged on that man's name and reputation . Or destroying a studio that would be the cheaper and most suitable solution to take over his work when he'd be gone . None whatsoever . People and company part ways all the time , but this goes too far .

It's counter productive , beyond the emotional side to this . Now if they wanna continue MGS , they'll have to mount yet another new studio , hire new employees and designers . Even if they went the cheap mobile gaming way with MGS , it will still be extra waste of money and ressources ... when they already had the talent and engines in place even minus Kojima .

Hell looking at PES , their gaming future still relies and hinge heavily on said engine and work from Koji Pro

IamTylerDurden11621d ago

Read the comments, have u read the news lately about Konami being a hellish place to work spying on employees via cameras and publicly shaming them, relegating former executives to janitors ect.

Honestly i was referring more to the cancellation of Silent Hills.

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iistuii1622d ago

If I play a complete game & don't get a slide tackle or foul against me from the AI I won't be getting it again this year. I bought pes15 & although it's got better each year the terrible AI lets it down. Played a complete season & had one foul against me in a season, ridiculous..

LoveSpuds1622d ago

Every year I hope 'this will be a return to the glory days' and each year it just isnt as good to play as FIFA. I feel like this could be the year from some of the footage I have seen.....fingers crossed.

Der_Kommandant1622d ago

I'm buying PES instead of FIFA this year.

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