With Halo 5 Guardians on the horizon, it's time to revisit Halo 4

When 343 Industries came into being in July 2009 – the date of a filing by Microsoft that named the studio taking responsibility for Halo after the series’ most genocidally conscientious character – it had a long list of things to do. Small things, such as growing from scratch a studio that could operate at the very peak of blockbuster development; reintroducing the most successful, recognisable and important character on Xbox; reinventing the most successful game on Xbox (while simultaneously making it the same, obviously); and doing it all under the shadow of a fixed-in-stone autumn 2012 release date for the game it had been created to deliver: Halo 4.

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BigKev451630d ago

It's not time to revisit Halo 4. Boo to you.

Erik73571630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

Halo 4 in my opion was the most cinematic,more character driving,and the best character development compared to all other halos.

It also had strong points in the single player like mission 2 and a few others. But overall the campaign was not as good as reach or halo 3 in my opinion.

If I had to rate the halos by single player:

Halo 1
Halo odst
Halo 3
Halo reach
Halo 4
Halo 2 (all of them are good but I don't know why people think 2's campaign is so good)

Tedakin1629d ago

Yeah I definitely would put part 1 first just cause it was the first time. I love 4. Reach was great. 3 and odst were good. 2 was better in my memory than it was in reality. When I played the MCC remake of it, I was underwhelmed.

SolidGear31629d ago

Halo 1 is actually my lease favorite. Seemed too repetitive. I'd say a toss between 3 and 4. Those were epic to me.

Septic1629d ago

Halo odst second place? Ewww

Halo CE number one for sure. Then Halo 3 and then Halo 4 imo.

Muadiib1629d ago

For me it's:

Halo CE
Halo 4
Halo 3
Halo 2
Halo Reach

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Tedakin1629d ago

4 had an amazing campaign and soundtrack (minus missing the classic theme). The multiplayer with the loadouts and abilities.... nope.

Fyflin1629d ago

I was playing through Halo 4 in the MCC last night strangely enough, I genuinely forgot how good the campaign is. It seems to benefit from having a greater number of central characters rather than focusing entirely on Chief and Cortana, and I can't wait to see how Blue Team affect the narrative in Guardians.

Roll on October!

LifeInNZ1629d ago

Definitely a consistent FPS franchise and looking forward to Halo 5.

spicelicka1629d ago

Halo 4's campaign was brilliant, the moment when you step out of the cave and see the vast open world of Requiem was nothing short of amazing. It reminded me of the moment we landed on Halo in Halo CE.

Only thing missing were Scarabs, it got many things right though.