Tales from the Borderlands Episode 4 hits PS4 & PS3 next week

By Laura Perusco // Community Lead, Telltale Games:

If you’ve been waiting to find out what happens in the penultimate episode of Tales from the Borderlands, you won’t be waiting much longer! Episode 4: Escape Plan Bravo is set for release on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 next Tuesday, 18th August.

Today we can show you a few all-new screenshots from the episode for a little peek at what’s coming up. Between psychos, spaceships, and a certain diamond gun-pooping pony, there’s a lot packed into this one!

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LordMaim1625d ago

Awesome. I can't wait.

Every time I play this series, I think to myself "there should be a half hour Borderlands TV series".