Nintendo's Q1 Results: $1 Billion Profit, Wii 29.62 Million, DS 77.54 Million

Kombo Reports: "Nintendo has released their Quarter 1 results for 2008, and it's quite impressive. To say the Wii and DS print money for Nintendo is now an understatement."

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militant074433d ago

lol funny video
wii printing money
microsoft lost on fixing RROD
sony lost on lowering price
and for now
2- microsoft
3- sony

sony is still losing and didnt gain what its paid on it

IzKyD13314433d ago

sony's gaming division is already making a profit, and the PS3 division will probably make a profit within the next year (its selling like twice as much as it was selling last year)

OOG4433d ago

yes sony made a profit but that doesnt erase the 3 billion they put in the red....1 profitable quarter of only 100 + million wont erase that 3 billion dollars gone......

nintendo on the other hand is just cashing in left and right

DarkArcani4432d ago

have to spend money to make money.

Prismo_Fillusion4433d ago (Edited 4433d ago )

Whether you like or dislike the Wii, everyone has to admit that in terms of sales it's kicking the other consoles' asses.

poopsack4433d ago

Its amazing that this toy has sold do much.

ItsDubC4432d ago (Edited 4432d ago )

Indeed, it has sold a lot compared to the two other toys.

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The story is too old to be commented.