Rocket League has a goalie problem

GameZone's Austin Wood: "There’s no way to expect games like Rocket League. Nobody asked for race car-powered soccer, and nobody knew they wanted it until, with white knuckles and a wide grin, they scored their first goal. The game exemplifies creativity, which is only more impressive considering it’s technically a sports game, easily the most predictable of genres. Rocket League is a thrilling series of paradoxes: chaotic but structured, random but skill-based, and simple but complex. But it is not perfect. Not yet, anyway."

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Captain_Wormy1622d ago

I don't have a problem with the monkeys that camp in the goal...I have a problem with the stupid goal posts. If I had a dollar for every time the ball f!cked me over by hitting the goalpost I'd be Bill Gates.

SquidBuck1622d ago

so it's happened to you 79 billion times, you really love this game lol

iceman061622d ago

Either that...or he'd just have a couple extra dollars! lol

TomLovesXBOX1622d ago

Sounds like someone is whining because they lack enough skill for aerial shots and scoring... seriously, putting a wall in front of the goal is the stupidest idea I have ever heard. Being a goalie isn't easy once you face players of a high skill rating. There is a practice mode for a reason, people.

toddybad1622d ago

Stupid article, stupid idea.

Yahdaree1622d ago

May as well not keep score so everyone wins...

Dannycr1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

Looks like somebody is simply not smart enough to grab a turbo boost and explode the goalies cars. When I play 3v3 or 4v4 and I see that there is a camper goalie, I just stay with them and distract them, explode them, push them and it works fine. I have assisted my team many times by distracting the goalie and allowing goals. You don't have to score goals to help the team.

Budobear1622d ago

Exactly, drive into them, ram them, distract them just get in their way so you can get that back in the goal. If you are hanging back you are missing back on the fun

paul-p19881622d ago

I play a bit more fairly than that, but I completely understand why people blow up the goalie, it's almost written into the game that you are meant to try to use underhand tactics lol.

Personally, I like hitting the ball at the keeper whilst one of my teammates is just behind me so the ball should deflect off the keeper (therefore getting him out of position) and my teammate can smash the ball into the goal. Very satisfying to watch the other players desperately stop the inevitable whilst their keeper is upside down in the goal haha

Dannycr1622d ago

It's all about the mayhem and fun, that's why there are no rules.

It's very different to play a defensive position than playing as goalie. One of the friends that I play with does awesome in defensive position without camping at the goal, he also scores goals and goes into the offensive as well.

I like to follow the ball, play and try to score, I only destroy goalies when it is very clear that they are just camping at the goal.

ocelot071622d ago

Agreed I don't try and explode them I just try nudge them. I find nudging them really annoys goalkeepers. They lose focus and try and nudge you back meaning there paying attention to the ball anymore. Or they give up and go and attack the ball.

Master-H1622d ago

Or you know, you can simply git gud.

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