A Year Later, People Are Still Finding New Things In P.T.

Pop quiz! Did you know it’s possible to see Lisa, the disturbing ghost from P.T., in the basement room that you start the game in? I didn’t.

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SCW19821628d ago

Scariest interactive experience I have had hands down.

gangsta_red1628d ago

Wow, I still have this on my PS4. I never was able to unlock the true ending and apparently there's more.

Damn shame Konami..

Der_Kommandant1628d ago

I upgraded my HDD and i'll never be able to play it again :(

gangsta_red1628d ago

Don't you transfer over all your games and saves? How did you lose it?

imtheman20131628d ago

I think only games that you have installed from a disc transfer over if you choose to back up your hard drive before replacing it. Downloaded games from the store don't transfer, as far as I know.

gangsta_red1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

Ooooh that's right, you have to re-download all your digital games and since PT was free and is now gone, you can't get it back.

That does suck.

PersonMan1627d ago

How come I can't find any information on the internet that says that backups will not transfer downloaded games? Isn't that the point of backing up?

That's so stupid!

So everyone's basically saying that if my hard drive dies, so does the PT Demo? And here I thought I was lucky to have it backed up.


BIG_KRAZ131627d ago

Yeah, you can back up all of your games and files to an external HDD. I refused to sell my launch PS4 until I got P.T off of it lol.

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ziggurcat1628d ago

they must have changed how they do the back up because last gen, everything transferred over (apart from, i think, save files that were "locked"/non-transfe rable) if you were upgrading the HDD on the same PS3... as far as i know, i only had to redownload stuff when i transferred my information to a new PS3.

that's kind of silly if they force you to re-download everything.

Der_Kommandant1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

You need to store your save files in a USB and re-download all your games, so yeah, i couldn't download P.T. again.

BIG_KRAZ131627d ago

I just transferred P.T from my launch PS4 to the Batman Arkham Knight PS4. All you need to do is back up your games to an external HDD. Once you login to your PSN account all your games unlock.

BIG_KRAZ131627d ago

It's still the same as it was on PS3. Once you transfer your games and files all you need to do is login to your account.

_-EDMIX-_1626d ago

Not true what so ever. I replaced my PS4 HDD and before that backed up my data on a external.

Once the HDD was replaced, I used the restore feature to get my data back from my other HDD that was put on the external.

Mind you...I did this AFTER P.T was removed from PSN....I still very much can play P.T still.

You can watch me playing P.T and can even get a screen shot of my HDD space to very much show I upgraded and still have P.T.

You merely updated incorrectly. I re-downloaded NOTHING...

Add me, EDMIX.

Let that be a warning to those that favor some digital only methods for gaming, Konami was just the first and they did it for selfish reasons, what happens when publishers are doing this to get you to buy the newest versions?

Also don't upgrade the way this dude did, thats just crazy. Get a external and use the back up restore feature. With all the games I got free from PS Plus, I would hate to just sit there downloading all of them every time I had to update my drive, some just choose a harder path to doing something that is pretty simple.

SmokingMonkey1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

"Worst System Seller Ever!"

-Comic Book Guy

I loved PT, truly one of the scariest video game experiences I have ever enjoyed.

I just kept playing, and playing..and playing.

Truly the definition of insanity portrayed in Video Game Art Form.

Eyesoftheraven1628d ago

Pure genius-art through and through.

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