Splatoon is Nintendo’s Most Important Game on the Wii U

Despite Nintendo's Wii U having a rough time on the market, the console has one of Nintendo's most important releases in years.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1628d ago

It's a great game that keeps getting better with time, but it's not the only must-have.

addictedtochaos1628d ago

Shame that so many gamers only care about graphics, frame rates, and resolution to realize that the Wii U has alot to offer.

Maybay1628d ago

That is true, though how many times have you read or heard people's sentiments on not liking "Nintendo games?"

Gamers like shooters; third party developers (besides indies) aren't supporting Nintendo in that regard (they did earlier on, though not so much now), so it left them with limited choices. They partnered with Valhalla Game Studios getting Devil's Third as a console exclusive, though they wanted a title with broader appeal.

Then in comes Nintendo's garage development program. Long story short; they made a shooter which is kid friendly.

Splatoon is innovative, and is something outside the realm of "Nintendo games."

Non-Nintendo fans want something besides the Nintendo norm. Splatoon is that, and its sales send a positive message to all involved.

Shnazzyone1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

So addictive, the leveling, the weapon variety, how the game feels just a bit different every single day you boot it up. It's freaking genius. More people need to get a wii U just to see what unique, high-quality games really look like.

It's a new franchise. Nintendo haters have been asking for it forever. I don't get how people are still hating on nintendo when they are doing everything "gamers" asked for when they released the wii. HD and new franchises. C'mon, If you folks are real gamers you need to give them at least some of your money. It's exactly what you asked for last gen.

Metallox1628d ago

That's a weird way to say Mario Kart 8 and Smash.

Reeze1628d ago

Splatoon is a fresh take on a genre that Nintendo doesn't really have a lot of experience with. Yes, MK8 and Smash are great games, but they were basically destined to do well on the Wii U. Splatoon was pretty much a stab in the dark and it proved to be a huge success, which is very important in determining how Nintendo will handle the Wii U and game development in the future.

I'd say Splatoon is the most important game on the Wii U, without a doubt.

N4g_null1628d ago

nintendo world was great fun but no one played it. Then splatoon comes out and bam i can't stop playing it. You are right nintendo may have woken up to see good art design along with a new ip that doesn't have mario on it may be needed. I have mario kart 8 and smash yet I play splatoon. That is big. Also a mario kart dlc for the battle mode would help mario kart a little more unless they are preparing another battle arena kart game. Imagine if rocket arena was in mario kart!!!???

Zelda might actually be the tied that breaks the gaming populous stubborn ways. Yet an account system would mean a huge amount.

The fact that wii sports and the nintendo land wii sports like game with nintendo franchises just did not work. The youth are no longer ok with just mario being stamped on every thing. They want new ips. They just want new things.

rbailey1628d ago

I still haven't tried out this game but I certainly plan to soon.

Reeze1628d ago

You will not be disappointed!

Shnazzyone1628d ago

I had a wii U but was dismissing it as "not for me" for so long. After friends bugging me for a month to get it, I picked it up. More into this than any game outside of a monster hunter. It's great.

N4g_null1628d ago

You won't be disappointed. The controls are different though. You can use sticks but fine pinpoint aiming comes from always on gyro. Also be sure to test out all guns available to see what suits you better. You can try before you buy also. Be sure to do the fly overs for the maps, we use every single bit of it.

The game matches you up with like gamers yet as you move up expect to see pro league players that don't miss and are hard to hit. I literally have seen ever tactic. Yet i know there is more. Also this game can be pretty frantic with just 4 on 4, like way more frantic than any cod match. Or you can try and camp in the ink until you realize players all have marked you with locator radars.

The signal player game is pretty imaginative also. I'm just waiting for more of those tricks to trickle down to the ranked maps.

Also if you play as much as i do you can see different events in the hub world like concerts and dance contests. As if the game was closing for the mid night hours.

This is the type of game that makes you say hey i don't need any thing else right now im good. Yes it is that much fun if you like a challenge.

Venomousfatman1628d ago

Stop all of your plans one day and go play this game. You will have a fun day of gaming.

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