Metal Gear Solid 5 PS4 Has Short Loading Times And Stable FPS, No Difficulty Setting & More Details

New details roll out of the Japanese boot camp for Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain.

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Batzi1619d ago

Difficulty setting is unlocked after you finish the game.

Gatsu1619d ago

You're correct.

I was kinda hoping to start with Hard right away :), but it's okey though because TPP will bring lots of new stuff and I'm sure it will still be pretty damn challenging :D.

19 days left oh my god o_O...

TeamLeaptrade1618d ago

I think it'll be challenging from the start. Especially if someone goes the stealth route.

joab7771619d ago

That's an interesting choice for an open world game of this size. Especially since Kojima was worried that many wouldn't finish it b/c it was too big.

In a yr w/ games like BB, TW3, F4, JC3, MM, and plenty of shooters, there's alot to play. Hiding a difficulty setting behind the initial playthrough may not be the best idea.

carcarias1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

That's the way I feel too.

For big games (30 hours+) I like to get stuck in and challenge myself straight away because there are so many other games to play that I doubt I'll replay it for a long while, if ever. Especially since I'm a completionist and will most likely put 80+ hours into MGSV; they said there's a potential 100 hours.

Also, for people who do like playing through again straight away on a harder setting, they could just choose Normal first. Everyone's happy.

Not letting us play on Hard from the get-go limits our options whilst providing benefit to no-one imho.

Maybe they'll be a way to unlock it (Konami code like Bioshock Infinite?) or mod it for pc.

EDIT: Ground Zeroes Normal was too easy.

tmh35931618d ago

ground zeroes was probably easy because you didnt turn reflex mode off

inveni01618d ago

I'm opposite. I like to take things easy the first time (except for games I know I'll platinum) and enjoy the story more than worrying about repeating the same section 5 or 6 times.

carcarias1617d ago

@ tmh3593

Nah, it was because the enemies weren't aware enough. I try to avoid fights anyway since I like to stealth.

On the occasions when you do get into firefights and say 'what the hell' let's shoot these guys, you're able to take on loads of people.

Big Boss heals pretty quick, has a fair amount of health and the enemies don't flank much.

When I played on Hard though, enemies spot you much quicker and from further away and just two soldiers will gun you down pretty quick. I liked that difficulty better.

Maybe it will be an .ini mod so I'm not worried :)

carcarias1617d ago

@ inveni0

That's totally cool and I've got no problem with that. I hope you enjoy the game thoroughly whichever way you want to play it.

I just think it's a shame that an option is being locked for those who like if different when it serves no positive purpose.

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Jerry Seinfeld1619d ago

Wait... What happened to Big Boss wearing the chicken hat in easy mode?? Does easy mode unlock after you beat the game on normal?

That is just bizarre!

silvacrest1618d ago

im willing to beat easy mode is unlocked after dying to many times

feraldrgn1619d ago

Thank goodness, I thought for a second there that I wouldn't be able to enjoy a few more run throughs on other difficulties.

carcarias1619d ago

Yeah but, with respect, you could do that anyway even if Hard was available from the off. Simply choose Normal, complete and then choose Hard.

feraldrgn1618d ago

I made the post before the update, so I thought it would only have 1 difficulty setting & that was it.

carcarias1617d ago

Oh, I see, fair enough :)

Mainman1619d ago

I wanted the harder options available from me for my first play through. That way I get more game-play time because of the higher difficulty.

Batzi1619d ago

Dude, you're already getting way more gameplay time in this MGS, more than any other game in the series. In fact, there is so much more gameplay that cutscenes are rarely triggered.

Mainman1619d ago

@ Batzi, with more game-play time, I meant it more in the sense of savoring, rather than squeezing more game-play out of it.

Also I like the challenge that comes with harder difficulty's. Matter of fact, the first thing I will do when I boot up the game is disable reflex mode.

TheXgamerLive1618d ago

Kinda stupid and fanboyish for the title to say PS4, we all know its the same as Xbox One version. Also, as stated already difficulty lvl unlocks after mission completion.

TheXgamerLive1617d ago

How are those Sony goggles working for ya?

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Boog_891619d ago

No extreme mode huh... I hope its not too easy.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

If you played ground zeroes you know it won't be easy. Never knew how realistic field of vision can be such a pain. Friggin soldiers can see every flippin thing...

Edit: I'm working on my language in case anyone couldn't tell LOL XD

VaporShalashaska1619d ago

I'm really sorry to be that guy, but my stomach turns a little every time I see "LOL XD" in all caps.

VaporShalashaska1619d ago


2cents1619d ago

Fox engine and Ps4...

Like strawberries and cream :)

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FoxyGotGame1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

Wow, a game so huge/beautiful as MGS V PP running smoothly @60fps, Native 1080p with short loading times = Great Optimization/Capable Programming and an example to other studios.

Day 1 )

JoakimMogren1618d ago

yes if im not mistaken this is the first open world game on ps4 to run at 60fps.

Benjammin251618d ago

Just goes to show that all these naysayers who claim consoles can't handle 1080P 60FPS are talking crap. Maybe if, oh I don't know, more developers took the time to make sure their games ran well on console, we'd see more games like this.

FullmetalRoyale1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

I like how it worked in Peace Walker with missions basically telling you that you had better have some good equipment if you want to stand a chance. While it's nice to just lower the difficulty if you can't proceed, I liked increasing my mother base's efficiency(etc) to get that better equipment.
Been replaying Ground Zeroes and the mechanics are finally clicking with me. Specifically the fluidity of the movement, and learning to snap into cover the correct way. Back when it released I pretty much bulldozed my way through it, admittedly. ;)
These mechanics with all the stuff I loved in Peace Walker(and improved) could really be a magnificent swan song.