Submerged Review - Floating through the final flood [Dealspwn]

Dealspwn: You would think that after Journey's success there would have been a wave of titles hoping to provide an experience away from the traditional game. But games with an emphasis on exploring over defeating enemies or high scores continue to be a rare occurrence on consoles. Enter Uppercut Games, who have crafted something they hope will stay in your thoughts long after those credits roll.

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Jakface1620d ago

I really didn't like Submerged - as pretty and as peaceful as it is - I just didn't connect to it like I have other games of similar style; i.e. Journey. I don't know why whether it be the story, characters or gameplay, but I very much felt detached from it all.

TomatoDragon1620d ago

Currently playing through it, and have been enjoying it so far. Just wish the walking/running animation of the girl didn't look like slow motion.