Dark Souls 3: Miyazaki to confirm new sorcery attack

At gamescom Hidetaka Miyazaki told "PC Games" that there will be new sorcery attacks in Dark Souls 3. From Software will be talking later this year about the new feature.

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TheOneWhoIsTornApart1624d ago

I bet ice will be a new spell type in this game. There is an enemy in this games people are calling the ice knight that can hurt the player with a status effect called frostbite. I wonder if there will be others?.

BiggCMan1624d ago

Crystal magic from DS1 and 2 is basically the same as what ice magic would be. I hope it's something that's actually brand new.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1623d ago

How would ice magic be anything like crystal?. Ice will have a frostbite status effect and will be another elemental magic like pyromancy.

Dark_Vendetta1624d ago

I played Dark Souls 2 with a sorcerer build and I'm not going to make that mistake again. It made the game at some points too easy as you could kill enemies from a save distance, and it was a little bit repetitive as you pretty much could only use one weapon (for me it was the fire sword) if you only invested in your sorcerer skills (which made sense ...). So this time I'm definitely choosing something else. Still I'm very hyped for this game!

SlightlyRetarted1623d ago

I finished Scolar of the First Sin few weeks back as an INT char and could not agree more. Playing as a sorcerer for first 10 hours was kinda of fun. But killing everything from distance while tapping R1 got really boring. At some point i noticed that i was using Blue Flame and chopping everything melee with shit damage and using spells just sometimes. I got so bored to a caster that i had no interest to finish the DLC's. And INT gear look so bad that i hated my character look so much i spent so many levels just to get access to good looking armors. Caster...never again.