Japan's Holding Back the PlayStation 4

Push Square: "While the PlayStation 4 is breaking sales records all over the globe, Japan is proving a particularly tough nut to crack. With the nation becoming increasingly enamoured with smartphones, Sony's really finding it difficult to get consumers to pay attention to its new console. And one rather unpleasant thorn in its side is the continued popularity of the PlayStation 3, which is still receiving many of the region's most popular games."

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FallenAngel19841621d ago

PS4 sold better so far this year than it did in the entirety of last year. That's a big accomplishment and it'll do better when big name games release in the region.

That being said I don't think it'll reach the heights of PS3 and Wii in that region the end of the day.

AzubuEntus1620d ago

I still think the Playstation 2 era was by far the golden years for Sony. IMO the PS3 and PS4 will never exceed the PS2.

OldDude1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

The PS2 had a unique advantage that the PS4 will never have. It was able to get its price point to eventually under $100 USD. The PS4 will never be able to do so putting it at a huge disadvantage over the PS2. The PS4 also includes more advanced processors (multi-core), wireless networking and controllers, hard drives and more ports further limiting its ability to be eventually low priced. My guess is you will see this generation bottom out at around $200-$250.00 USD.

Still, while the Ps3 will never pass PS2 (fact), the PS4 so far is giving it a run for its money. The only question now is when it reaches the saturation point. That's the point where basically everyone that wants one, has one.

windblowsagain1620d ago

Not sure about the PS3, But the PS4 might.

Remember the PS2 was many people's DVD. That was the advantage.

FallenAngel19841620d ago

@ Old & wind

I was talking about PS4 sales in Japan. Its currently not even outpacing PS3 in Japan in the same timespan.

ragnalamb1619d ago

When original xbox launched on japan, some media were tracking the acceptance index... They were amazed how low it was... It was because, not only the games, but because the machine was non Japanese. I think, whats affecting ps4 sales on japan is the american focus sony has shown on the past few years. Most games realeased are american-focused, even 1st party games. Ps3 has still a lot of Japanese games available, making it far more popular than ps4.

That, and all the mobile thing everyone is talking about

slinky1234561620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

They're doing better, still not great at moving on though. The problem with Japanese consumers is they are happy with what they already have. For example, the PSP was continuing to sell extremely well and games that did nothing but old tricks would keep coming out for it. Games that the Japanese seemed to love and couldn't get enough of. The PSP is still selling well there too, too well in fact that they're not moving on and Publishers/devs don't want to miss out on that easy money.

People think shooters are too popular in the West, think again. Japan has been playing the same type of games for ages, and they still are having issues moving on with innovative titles and devs taking actual risks there. Sure they're fun games, but rehashes are still just rehashes.

In Japan they care less about graphics and power. They just want to continue to play the way they have been playing. It's not wrong of them, but it's holding the industry there back.

SaveFerris1620d ago

If anything, shouldn't Japanese developers know their audience best? If Japanese gamers prefer RPGs and VN to FPS games, then it makes sense for developers to focus on what sells.
In order for the PS4, WiiU, and Xbox One to sell in Japan, they need the right kind of games to convince Japanese gamers to part with their hard earned money.

Death1620d ago

The problem devs are running into is they need to make games with worldwide appeal. If they focus on Japanese specific games they might do better in Japan, but they will lose money globally. With the small install base in Japan it simply doesn't make sense to target games for that market. This is why we see Japanese devs looking to the West to make sales.

I get what they are saying about the PS3 though. Many of the games on the PS4 so far have been ported from the PS3 of they are remasters of PS3 games. I don't see indies pushing consoles in a region where mobile gaming is hot. The look and feel of mobile games with the inconvenience of a console sounds like a formula for failure.

SaveFerris1620d ago

Well said. There do seem to be a number of smaller developers that focus on producing Japanese only titles for the PS3 and/or handhelds, mainly because of development costs and the install base. A lot of these games have limited appeal in the West and the developers do not want to bother with localising and/or censoring their game for an audience outside Japan.
This doesn't really help the current gen consoles but I hope something will happen to improve the Japanese gaming industry for PC, consoles, and handheld/mobile gaming.

pivotplease1620d ago

Hopefully the recently announced JRPG titles will boost the PS4 into another golden age. If not, at least it's had overwhelming success elsewhere. The kind of success that the PS3 really deserved in its last few years before the 4 launched.

ColManischewitz1620d ago

Japan isn't holding back the PS4 -- it's the fastest-selling console in Sony's history. Time to remember that Europe and North America -- and now even Latin America -- make great games, too. Would I like more Japanese RPGs? Sure. But the industry is about far more than Japan.

Kiwi661620d ago

No one is denying that it's the fastest selling for sony its that japanese gamers are more into handheld devices for their gaming needs

ColManischewitz1620d ago

More into smartphones than handhelds now!

pivotplease1620d ago

It doesn't help that their biggest developer in terms of popularity (Square) has been doing terrible for about a decade. That and Monster Hunter has become almost exclusively a handheld title now and even made its way to mobiles. I could see at least the former problem being resolved in the next two years.

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