Frankie's Top 5 Games From Gamescom 2015 - Dragons, Time Manipulation, & Gangsters Galore

Short Pause: "Gamescom 2015 is officially under our belts! Before we look ahead to PAX Prime, Tokyo Games Show, Paris Games Week, and all of the exciting news sure to come out of each of these events, I thought it would be a great idea to recap my highlights from this year’s excellent Gamescom. Here are my top five games of the show"

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TheDude791624d ago

I was intrigued by Scalebound when it was first announced, but after seeing that gameplay trailer at Gamescom, I'm excited as all hell. Battling alongside a dragon, taking out knights, double teaming other beasts, with club music playing looked (and sounded) bad as hell. That has since muscled it's way into my my most anticipated games of 2016! And because I know you're curious lol:

Uncharted 4
Horizon: Zero Dawn
The Division
Quantum Break

tazmeah1624d ago

The ability to play cooperatively in Scalebound is really appealing to me, because if you think about it, if you're able to bring in three other people AND their dragons, you have to assume the boss battles will be epic. That's a systems seller for sure.

Vyprstryke1624d ago

The amount of content from the show was amazing. I forgot to mention it was worth noting that ScaleBound was the only game demoed live on stage. Looking great for being more than a year out.

TheDude791624d ago

Yeah, that was most impressive. I can see that game and Horizon: Zero Dawn going head to head next holiday (if Horizon isn't delayed to 2017)! Epic match up! #MechDinosVsDragons

piccolo9301624d ago

I'm not too familiar with the Mafia series, but I thought the Gamescom trailer was pretty intriguing. Love the New Orleans setting and the 1960s time period and some of the themes they can possibly explore through this

Vyprstryke1624d ago

I've been tempted to go back and play the first game. Might as well give my PS2 something to do besides collect dust =)