Star Citizen's Dogfighting Module Is Available To Everyone Until August 19th

Great news for all Star Citizen fans as Cloud Imperium is offering the game’s Dogfighting module for free until August 19th.

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ArchangelMike1791d ago

I'm trying to keep hyped for this game, but I just cant be bothered. It looks cool and ambitous, but there are a few things that just... irk me.

First is the fact that by the time the game ever gets released I won't have a PC good enough to play it. Then there's the insane amount of money that the devs have already generated - which surely would have been enough to release something by now... and I don't mean the various modules that people have to buy or whatever.

Then there's just the overall sense that I still don't really know what the game is about. What's the main story? Is there a main story or are you just roaming the galaxy looking for stuff to steal and blow up?

I just don't know! At this point in time I'm more excitd for No Man's Sky - and that's a game that I also have concerns about by the way...

brokenbracket1790d ago

There will be a campaign to it called Squadron 42. They're taking so long to develop certain aspects of the game because there hasn't been an attempt to make a game anything like it before. Developing something like this takes time, a lot of man power, and resources. At the latest Gamescom, I believe they showed enough to prove that the game is well on its way and should release next year.

If your PC can't handle it, then it's time to upgrade my friend! Eventually, all games will outgrow your computer specs, that's why they come out with updated GPU's, CPU's, etc. I personally just built a brand new PC, with a GTX 970, I7-4790 CPU, with 16GB of RAM. That's pretty much the recommended for Star Citizen. The ultra is obviously something a lot of people won't be able to obtain the parts needed to run it at that level, and I could understand the frustration there. But eventually other games will catch up with Star Citizen, so the upgrade will be needed at some point anyway.