Until Dawn Is Using the Butterfly Effect To Make You Dread Every Decision | EGMR

AG from EGMR writes: "Horror Reinvented. That’s what Until Dawn claims to be which is a big given that there’s a new horror game each month claiming to be the next best thing. Most aren’t. So what makes Until Dawn special?
The first thing to note is those two numbers up top. Full price is a hard ask for a horror game given that most weigh in at a lower price. The last major survival horror that cost full price was Alien: Isolation which, while good, overstayed its welcome a little.

Until Dawn has a lot to prove then. Perhaps more so because it’s one of those darn console exclusives."

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robtion1627d ago

Really looking forward to playing it. Still hoping for a broken street date/early release to give it a head start on MGSV, Mad Max, and the busy season.