FFXV Will Get More Fantastic During The Game; Team Is Trying Hard To Add Airships

Final Fantasy XV will have more fantasy elements as you progress through the plot, Tabata said. The team is also trying very hard to add airships.

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Imp0ssibl31620d ago

Confession: I never was a Final Fantasy fan. That said, this one looks great and I'll buy it for sure.

Eiyuuou1620d ago

Welcome to the club. Be sure to try out the older titles as well!

-Foxtrot1620d ago

If airships become DLC I swear to god...

Eiyuuou1620d ago

They'd better be damned free.

-Foxtrot1620d ago

It's not even if they are free.

Something like this should be in the bloody game from the start, they've been working on it long enough and I think most the interviews over the years have promised airships.

Eiyuuou1620d ago

You make a valid point. However, I was talking about the worst case scenario.

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TheOneWhoIsTornApart1620d ago

Airships were probably not going to be in FFXV the way they were in some of the older FF games during the start of production and now people have demanded that they be fully functional so they can be flown at super high altitudes and throughout the entire map so now they are pressured into doing it. This is why Avalanche is going to be helping them. I don't think it's that necessary to put them in honestly but if they get them to work to be it. They will be free as well if they are DLC so I don't see a problem with it being put in later honestly if they can't do it before release.

Godmars2901620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

FF12: a game where a young boy dreaming of being an airpirate joins up with a motley group which includes an airpirate and his bunny-girl first mate - WHO THEN *WALKS* EVERY FRIGGINWHERE!!!!

Nevermind all of the political BS the brat was wholly out of his depth with, not that it mattered since his role in the game became pointless a tenth of the way in, or that Square added insult to injury by making a point of naming air-warships after old summons as part of general world building...

(Could actually care less about this FF15 news, finally just threw up my hands over four guys tooling around in a luxury convertible rather than so - oh - and airship, but I still burn over that crap in FF12.


Adrian_v011619d ago

Commenting on the majority of FFXV articles actually is proof that you do care. And if you want to complain about FFXII go to an article about FFXII. This is off topic and pathetic.

Godmars2901619d ago

Really, what is the point of complaining about playable airships in FF15 when there - currently - no playable airships are in the game? That if they do show up its going to be more of a bone tossed to fans than what should have been a key feature.

Also, FF12 is the first time they pulled crap like this. Setup a theme, then failed to deliver on the spirit of said theme.

Adrian_v011619d ago

Airships in FFversusXIII/FFXV were never talked about as a key feature, but an aspect of the game that will exist. I don't understand the base of you complain, so do you want airships or not? FFX did it too, an airship you couldn't pilot. Would an airship you can't pilot make FFXII a good game for you all of a sudden?

I personally wouldn't mind if FFXV has no airships, for the same reason I didn't mind their lack in XIII and XII, it made sense in the story. Yes, Balthier was a sky pirate, yes, Vaan wanted to be one but they're not tied to ships via an umbilical cord, they can walk, and walking makes more sense when you try to stay off someone's radar.

I liked that they honored prior summons by giving names to ships. I liked the change of summons, they were original and something new, that's the point of a new game, adding something new. I also liked the characters, you think a game needs one protagonist and side characters that are there just to boost his ego. I liked that in XII the whole group were protagonists, without anyone clearly in the lead. It was refreshing for a change.

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ccgr1620d ago

Another game to add to my backlog

DarkOcelet1620d ago

Its been on my backlog since 2006 :D

Darrius Cole1620d ago

We were promised airships from the start.

This news is breaking my heart.

After wanting this game for a full 9 years, at the end they change it into something different from what I have wanted all this time.

gamesismylife091620d ago

I'm glad they cut that turn based crap out and it's more of an action RPG. That you go my go crap is so boring.

DarkOcelet1620d ago

I get it, Turn base is not for everyone. But lets think for a moment, do you think FFXV would have been in the making if the fans did not buy and support the Final Fantasy series from the start?

All i am saying mate, respect the turn based because if it wasnt for it, FFXV would not exist and there is room for both.

gamesismylife091620d ago

Don't get me wrong I'm not shitting on people who like turn based games, I'm just saying that I wouldn't be interested in this game if it were turn based. The fact that it's an action JRPG has me interested in buying it. Sorry if my post came off as me insulting players that liked the previous games. I just think it's important for JRPG's to have a mix of turn based and action RPG's for it to survive especially with gaming in japan slowly dying and the devs are being forced more and more to import their games out west.

Revolver_X_1620d ago

Played every FF to perfect saves. I can honestly say I don't want turn based battles. Same way with this RE2 Remake. I don't want fixed camera angles. We gotta stop getting nostalgic with every franchise and stop being scared of devs taking risks in evolving franchises. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. We run the risk of stifling the market with remake after remake, instead of wanting franchises to evolve(for the better). Ultimately the market will always win. Devs will make what sales. This is why Activision spits CoD back out from hell every year. I bought a PS4 to play the next Final Fantasy, not FF7 Remake. I want to play RE7, not RE2. Of course I want them so somewhat resemble the core of the franchise, but I'm not trying to go down that road. Count me out.

-Foxtrot1620d ago

I think Lost Odyssey proved turn based is not boring and can be modernised to be more engaging

phoenixwing1620d ago

lost oddyssey had a great combat system, it was the annoying children in the story that made me not like it as much

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