PES 2016 Demo Out Tomorrow

Konami UK just announced that the demo of PES 2016 will be available tomorrow.

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1nsomniac1627d ago

Looking forward to it. Still want to know if PS4 image importing is going to be properly fully fledged or the limited crap we had on PS3.

Stringerbell1627d ago

I need to know if users will be able to share edited data. Back in the day I used to have the time to edit entire leagues (I did use to release my own OF) but now I simply dont.

If that is the case I may end up buying the PS3 version again =/

iceman061627d ago

From what has been said, it is currently working with "no problems" on the debug kits. However, they won't know what extent it will function until they go gold and get the first retail disk printed. I am anxious about this as well. Though, honestly, it probably won't turn me away from buying this game.