Steam Refund Works In Favor of Metal Gear Solid V

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom pain released on September 1st this year for PC, current, and last gen consoles, however the multiplayer is being released at a later date. Does releasing the multiplayer later on take advantage of the steam refund system?

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EinRobot1793d ago

Did you end up begging for approvals? because this article is beyond worthless.

joab7771794d ago

This is an absurd article. We have all known for some time that it wouldn't release with sp.

And for $60 most gamers will get 100+ hrs of content, and a game they have been waiting yrs to play. And this isn't some new overblown IP. It's proven . Ground Zeroes released to give us an idea of gameplay, and many games have been released prior (for 2 decades)that prove quality. Everyone knows what to expect. It's one of the most well known IPS in gaming history.

Also, this article uses GTS 5 as an example. I would love to know how many ppl thought they got ripped off paying $60 for GTA5 single player...and then the mutilplayer later for free? Yes, many ppl really wanted it sooner and wanted more contemt, but sales alone prove that it was one of the most successful games ever. And ppl are still playing the mp in droves.

We have already had a Metal Gear Online, and it's safe to say that it will come, and it will be great. I guess if you are one of the rare ppl who was only gonna buy it for mp, then wait.

And the 2 hr steam refund rule? How does waiting for mp change your right to a refund? After 2 hrs, if ya dont like it, you can get a refund. Enough said. Again, unless mp is the reason for your purchase.

Strange article.

Revolver_X_1794d ago

NO ONE is buying MGSV for MGO. MGSV can sell itself.

rdgneoz31794d ago

Though it won't have MGO off the bat when it releases, it will have FOB invasions to satisfy your MP needs for a while.

That said, MGSV single player is why everyone is getting the game. I'll probably end up losing track of time as I run around fultoning back my own personal zoo of zebras, bears, and bunnies.

jmc88881793d ago

I'm buying it for MGO.

Though this is one of those rare FPS/TPS games with a multiplayer that I will definitely play the single player portion.

I want to play BOTH, but I'm buying it for MGO.

Hasswell-NeverCold1794d ago

Wot? Most people buy metal gear for single player story. So like what the hell are you talking about?
Online is just a bonus.

BassMan1251794d ago

People who buys MGS V PP for Online is totally clueless