Need For Speed 2015: 7 things it needs

What can Ghost Games’ reboot do to stay ahead of the pack?

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deadpools_n641621d ago

Not to be online only. Just my opinion

Dario_DC1621d ago

Totally agree, make the single player part of the game offline.

Activemessiah1621d ago

This is all set to fail like Simcity

BlackPanther1621d ago

I want to play this game but will be consumed with Forza 6. I'll wait till this game gets to EA access to play it.

Tzuno1621d ago

Offline and a true gameplay trailer, those trailers with real actors and sneaky flashes of the game can fool a teenager with acne-ea but not the others.

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081621d ago

Have a option to choose a transmission to play with instead of forcing us gamers to play with automatic because quote from marcus nilsson if i have this correct: 'with it being cops in the game you don't have to shift, so we decided to not add manual transmission'. Along from what i've read no steering wheel support and no cockpit view and always online, they can go kick rocks with they half-assed game because i won't be this mess!