Arrow’s Stephen Amell Wants to Be in WWE 2K16

Twinfinite says,
"With WWE 2K16 mere months away from launch, adding a new fighter this late in the game would likely be a major undertaking. Such is the glory, however, of living in the DLC age. With Amell actually taking part in a legitimate WWE match it certainly seems like a possibility."

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scark921629d ago

That would be amazing! I would probably buy this game for that alone! Amell is a real cool dude.

lxeasy1629d ago

That would be pretty cool

ZaWarudo1629d ago

"You have failed this ring!"

Niv31629d ago

He knows arrow almost canned. Lukin into wwe route into movies like the rock

ncc-0171629d ago

Arrow's ratings are pitiful compared to other shows but for the CW it is one of it's most watched, pulling better numbers than Supernatural and that show managed to stay on the air for 11 years. That's the CW for you.

Ozmoses1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

considering all the announcements they've made regarding new love interests, new characters, and even a new spinoff series called Legends of Tomorrow.

I would say Arrow and The Flash are doing just fine and aren't going anywhere for awhile.

Big things are happening right now with these shows and the CW... Season 4 of Arrow in October.. Season 2 of Flash in October...

the whole thing with WWE just equals more publicity... after all they keep refering to him as "The Arrow" and not "Stephen Amell"

wrestling is just story lines.. and this story line benefits both WWE and CW with marketing!!!

Me-Time1629d ago

I don't watch wrestling anymore, but I'm a fan of Amell for many reasons. It was cool seeing him getting involved like he did though.

Will he really be at Summerslam or whatever the MAJOR EVENT is? I can't remember the names of those anymore. :\

KiwiViper851629d ago

Ye, its SummerSlam.

It is now a "4 hour Spectacular" just like Wrestlemania.

HHH for president.