Microsoft's Promise of Awesomeness

The first-party push has Microsoft promising the world. But can they deliver it?

During this year’s Gamescom Gamereactor grabbed a word with Shannon Loftis, the Head of First-Party Publishing at Microsoft. There were plenty of games to discuss, including Crackdown 3, Scalebound, Recore, Halo Wars 2 and Quantum Break.

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2cents1625d ago

Everything is Awesome...
Everything is cool when your part of a team...

But seriously... I'm feeling good about the next year of gaming on the Xbox One.

3-4-51624d ago

I'm feeling good about 2016 in general, for all consoles and handhelds.

2016 is going to be a great year for Video Games.

beereal3601625d ago

Xbox is clearly leading this generation

DigitalRaptor1624d ago

Excuse me? Could you repeat that one more time.

Chanogram1624d ago

Not sure if Beereal360 is being sarcastic or not, but in some ways xbox IS leading this gen. There is more to winning/leading than console sales. Can you honestly say that Sony is winning on the innovation front so far this gen?

You can argue it either way, but other than sales, it's a toss-up and an argument i don't care to have with anyone, as to who is "leading" this gen. In the end, we "gamers" win as Sony/MS keep trying ton 1-up each other. I'm all for it. I've got all 2.5 next gen consoles (.5 being the WiiU) and hope each of them keeps going and changes for the better, while releasing great games.

AstroCyborg1624d ago

the winner to a gamer in a gen is based on games

Rookie_Monster1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )


"Excuse me? Could you repeat that one more tim

Let me do the honor and finish beereal's complete sentence to you.

"Xbox is clearly leading this generation in innovation in exciting and unique new IPs, BC, how HD Remakes are supposed to be done, cloud computation, constant updates to make the OS better with new features, and online play with dedicated servers."

DigitalRaptor1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

Well, quite frankly most of what you all replied to me was opinion-based.

The rest of the things you mention are always going to be opinion based until Xbone can garner the most games, the better rated games, the stronger hardware, the better diversity in its lineup, and the more innovative gaming related features.

It will also be opinion until Xbone can get the better third party deals and be a succinctly global brand that actively cares about different regions, rather than PR dribble that doesn't follow through with action. Microsoft went to Gamescom with some impressive games, but didn't show European games or games that would garner European gamers to their side in any big way. What is with that?

@ RookieMonster

That was all opinion buddy. Let's go.

"in innovation" - go on..... do tell.

"in exciting and unique new IPs" - do me the honor of listing them.

"BC" - wow.... you certainly lead a generation with last-gen games ;)

"how HD Remakes are supposed to be done" - and who is the board of standards that dictates how they are supposed to be done? Sony does remasters not remakes. Learn the difference before you try and be smart. I'm sure if we want disgracefully broken HD remasters, Microsoft would be the leader of that this gen.

"cloud computation" - Yes... ONE last-gen looking game with impressive physics that is not even going to be out until next year, or perhaps 2017, FOUR years into the console lifecycle. And with no other announced games using Cloudgine that will feasibly be released before 2018 or 2019, when the generation is crawling to its final phase, you think this is substantial in leading a generation? Just wow.

"constant updates to make the OS better with new features" - Fine, you can have this because MS is a software company, but as of now, their updates are there to try and match the PS4's UI than be better as a whole. There have been so many Xbone updates because there have HAD to be. Sony was leading this generation when their UI was 100% gamer-related, and NOT a confusing mess of Don Mattrick-led conglomeration of everything he wanted the Xbone to be and not be:

"online play with dedicated servers" - please list the HANDFUL of games since launch that developers are using dedis. Yep. leading. Sure.....

MEANWHILE.... PS4 has the most games, the better rated games, the stronger hardware and the better diversity in its lineup. You know... games.

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maybelovehate1625d ago

Regarding Killer Instinct: "I'm super excited to see how people react to some of the new characters we have coming, even after Rash."

I wonder what other characters are coming! Master Chief is probably a given. And Marcus.

FlexLuger1624d ago

I could see arbiter as well. Using some kind of dual plasma sword fighting style. Maybe kameo and joanna dark too.

optimus1624d ago

master chief?? keep dreaming...killer instinct is a rare game, not 343 ind... expect rare characters and not much of anything outside of rare.

maybelovehate1624d ago

Both are Microsoft companies.

optimus1624d ago doesn't work that way...although a deal can be made like they've done with mortal kombat these days in introducing guest characters, it is doubtful they would put master chief in killer instinct at this stage in the game...maybe 7-10 yrs down the road if and when master chief is no longer staring in his own game and has all but disappeared from obscurity, then their could be that slight chance...but i seriously doubt it.

maybelovehate1623d ago

what doesn't work that way? MS can do whatever they want with the IP's they own.

slate911625d ago

Best time to be an Xbox gamer since the launch of Halo 2 :)

vikingland11625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

@ 1:33 she says 150 games for Xbox One. That's cool with me.

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