Metal Gear Solid: The first modern video game

On September 3, 1998, Metal Gear Solid was released for the Sony Playstation, and games changed forever. Though an early 3D title, MGS was not the first third-person game influenced by cinema, nor was it Hideo Kojima's first time as director, and it wasn't even the first game in the series. It was a direct sequel to Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, 8-bit top-down games which had pioneered stealth mechanics, but also a fresh start - the moment when technology could realise these ideas anew.

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ArchangelMike1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

For me it was the first game that I played that was truely cinematic, and made me feel like I was in a spy movie. It completely blew my mind at the time. I had never experiened anything like it. To cap it all off, the story, the cast of caracters, the double-cross, it all added up to an amazing gaming experience. It was the first game that treated me like an adult (even though I was still a kid), and completely drew me into a world of espionage. I can't count how many times I completed that game. Happy happy memories :)

Naga1618d ago

I couldn't agree more. Until MGS, I didn't realize that video games were a medium that deliver a story like that. That game will always hold a special place in my heart.

Psycho_Mantis1618d ago

I was only 9 at the time. Still getting into video games at a young age. And when I came across this game with the Vol.8 demo I was completely blown away. Exactly how you were as well too which summed up my entire experience. Heck I loved being a spy just like the movies I watched at the time. Mostly being 007 believe it or not. And that was what sealed the deal for me ever since then and ever since now. Many years later :)

endzeitkind1618d ago

the good old days. i played it, i dont know, maybe 5 times through and it was awesome. never feld like this in any other game like mgs series. couldnt wait for the next part of it though.

FlexLuger1618d ago

I beat this game twice. The second time round one of my friends insisted on watching the whole play through. We just smoked weed and zoned out while I sneaked and subdued my way through every thing. then He got to watch me fight pshyco mantis. That day I think he became a real gamer and evolved from just playing fifa and PES.

MGS was a game you could show to your friends and they would get a glimpse of what gaming could be like. It had everything. Solid mechanics, great story and I loved that techy grey colour to everything. This was a game for me. I cant wait to play MGS V. But I would love a proper remaster of the first MGS.

chrisx1618d ago

I remember how I used to argue with my pals that syphon filter was a better game(hadn't yet played mgs)...but when I did play it I was jaw dropped from begining to end. Amazing game

ArchangelMike1618d ago

Man, I still remember having that same argument with one of my mates the day I completed MGS. After playung MGS, I just couldn't get into Syphon Filter.

scark921618d ago

I am currently obsessing over MGSV, watching too many vids, Hideo Kojima is an artist!

I love how Metal Gear 1 and 2 are still important to the story, I love the care and constancy to the series!

Metal Gear ends with MGSV for me.

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