Friendship is magic. Nope, it’s gaming.

MWEB GameZone writes: "Making friends and building lasting relationships isn’t easy for everyone. Online gaming is a place where people make new friends and feel a greater sense of 'connectedness' with others.

Here is a look at how friendships are built and maintained through gaming and the statistical difference between male and female gamers. Have you built long lasting relationships while gaming?"

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HanCilliers1798d ago

Interesting what the study shows in relations to female gamers. My experience was different, loved connecting with other players online.

Sillicur1798d ago

I think it definately differs from person to person and im glad to hear that. Hopefully the statistics with regards to male and female gamers will even out over the coming years :)

SonZeRo1798d ago

I have multiple friends that I still talk to that I made during my years of playing WoW on US servers, and I have friends in my EU WoW guild aswell that I talk to even when not playing WoW. Reason for online play anger is because a lot of people can be super obnoxious because they know you can't do anything about it, like the kid who brings the ball to a game, he can do what he wants as no one is going to be rude to him otherwise he pulls the "screw you guys, i'm going home".

Sillicur1798d ago

Thats the reason i keep returning to WoW honestly! I miss some of the players while others I am still in contact with to this day in real life.

DesVader1798d ago

"Met" people from all over the world playing MMO's - fantastic...makes you realise how small our global village is.

Sillicur1798d ago

Very good point. You can so easily meet a diverse group of people and even learn new things about the world just from playing online games!

Choc_Salties1798d ago

I've seen it in very real-world circumstances. Guys meet online, become friends, meet up at a LAN party, have stayed friends since. I've also seen couples get hitched because of gaming, both online and through LAN parties.

So yes - friendship IS magic!

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