The Witcher 3 is really good, so why can’t I finish it?

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is one of the best games Sherif Saed has played all year. So why can’t he finally finish the damn thing?

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urwifeminder1166d ago

Massive games i have not finished one and two yet i do love the games rpg just takes too much time one day i will finish all of them have to buy the new one yet though.

decrypt1166d ago

Witcher 1 & 2 are minimum 50 Hours each games. While Witcher 3 is about 70 - 100 hours depending how much you explore.

Aloren1166d ago

I'm pretty sure I did almost everything in 1 and 2 and each took me about 50 hours, so I wouldn't say they're "minimum" 50 hours each... however I didn't do everything in W3, I'm not done yet, and I'm around 90hours. I'd say it's safe to say W3 packs at least as much content as 1 and 2 combined.

Yi-Long1166d ago

Sometimes great games are hard to finish because subconsciously you don't want them to end yet...

sullynathan1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

Witcher 2 at minimum is only 12 hours long.

Witcher 1 at minimum is 20 hours.

Utalkin2me1166d ago


I have no clue where you got 70 hours as a minimum. But the game is anywhere from 25-200 hours all depending on how you play.

Cra2yey31166d ago

Ive spent so much time playing thru witcher 3 that it still feels like i have so much to do still.

poppinslops1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

Stick to the primary quest line as best you can... if you spend too much time farting around with contracts you'll end up overpowered - that said, there are several side-quests that feed into the main quests, so choose wisely.

I said 'no' to plenty of jobs - you can usually (not always) come back and do them later... finding Ciri should be Geralt's first priority.

I finished the story a couple of weeks back, but I still had plenty off side-quests and contracts to complete and it's been a pleasure doing them (especially 'Where the Cat and the Wolf Play')... After weeks of stressing over my decisions, it's been a suprisingly 'pleasant' change of pace to be back to doing Witcher's work.

God knows I need the money - that mastercrafted gear can be very expensive.

Thunder_G0d_Bane1166d ago

I finished it weeks ago and did all side missions before completing the story, cant wait for the expansions.

but for now BRING ON HALO 5 AND FALLOUT 4 !!!!!

ChronoJoe1166d ago

I have a love hate relationship with the witcher, I love the dialogue and narrative, but for me the combat is so unbelievably awful. Maybe it's because I aside this, the only WRPGs I play are in the Souls series (and Bloodborne) but it just feel sloppy and tedious.

Enemy AI makes it worse, as they always seem like they're not sure if they're attacking or not. I get the idea that wolves attempt to surround the target and attack from all sides, but I don't understand why enemies just walk away when they're in combat with me. They don't pursue outside of their designated area and that makes combat really annoying.

Also the 'momentum' based combat is just an excuse for a limited set of animations. You can't even perform fine movements with Geralt, he can only move what is basically one whole pace, nothing in between. This isn't decision made for the better of the games design, it's objectively a limitation, resulting from their inability to dynamically interweave vast quantities of small and large animations depending on the players input.

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