Fallout 3 Interview: Exclusive Content, Gore, and More

Scandinavian site Gamereactor talks to Fallout 3's executive producer Todd Howard about how the game's shaping up.

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celticlonewolf4437d ago

thought that the interviewer was really bad with both his questions and his lack of knowledge about the game.

champ4204437d ago

is one scary individual =P

ThatCanadianGuy4437d ago

It's nice they let Mentally challenged people do interviews to.
It makes them feel useful.

Closing4437d ago (Edited 4437d ago )

I'm getting sick of these multiplat games doing the whole exclusive downloadable content thing. Either go fully exclusive or not at all because really all you're doing is screwing over a section of your fanbase.

yesah4437d ago

completly agree, i am still pissed i cant get some oblivion DLC on the ps3.

But i think maybe they should also allow custom mods on the consoles, like they do for the PC.

[email protected]4437d ago

Agree with both of u guys. Bubble 2 u for such a wise words. Either way I know Fallout 3 it will huge game even without the download content and that's the reason... an reason enough for me for not to buy up the game after the game receive a price drop. I know many will be disagree with me on this but COME ON its like the devs preferred one side more that the other and that my friends its not justice and equal treatment to both side.

socomnick4437d ago

This tactic is not to annoy ps3 owners its so multiconsole owners purchase the complete version. This is why I purchase all my games on the Xbox 360.

bunbun7774437d ago

Why or how is it reasonable to exclude a group of players from the game when you know full well the only reason PS3 isn't getting it is because 360 is willing to pay for PS3 not to get it? I can't fault Sony for not buying- but I would like to hope there are plans at least to rectify the situation. Being told at the end of the interview that there will be MORE content than shivering isles and knights of the nine....thats like a punch to the gut- If they are going to charge for the DLC than fine! Hopefully they only agreed to DLC exclusivity, and us PS3'ers can at least buy it the old fashioned way- but honestly i'm really just hoping- because I don't want to be upset about one of the most exciting games of the year- if not the most. I am not a fan boy- but damn you M$ and darn you Bethsellout.

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