Hands-On with Dark Souls 3 - F#&k the Haters | AusGamers

AusGamers has played and previewed Dark Souls 3 and writes:

"We should thank our lucky f#@king stars that we get a game as good as Dark Souls 2 once in a decade. But people are talking shit about the game and claiming Dark Souls 3 is a 'return to form' for the series, as if Miyazaki is the only person at FROM capable of making a Souls game work. Well bad news, turd burgers. According to an interview with GameSpot, Dark Souls 2 Director Tanimura is already involved with the creation of Dark Souls 3 while Miyazaki juggles duties on both DS3 and Bloodborne DLC. Dark Souls 2 was tight as hell. It was the Aliens to Dark Souls' Alien. F#@k. The. Haters.

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