DICE looking for right balance between hardcore and accessibility for Battlefront's Fighter Squadron

MMGN writes: DICE teased Star Wars Battlefront's Fighter Squadron mode a few months ago, but the developer finally lifted the lid on its dogfighting mode at last week's Gamescom.

Those familiar with the likes of X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter and the Rogue Squadron series would undoubtedly be excited at the idea of the aerial battles returning in this November's game, and the good news is that the mode is an exceptional recreation of those explosive battles from the '90s.

The challenge for DICE, however, has been to find a balance between hardcore fan expectations and accessibility, without sacrificing niche gameplay mechanics that defined the aforementioned titles.

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InTheZoneAC1255d ago

what's so hard?

battlefield has normal and hardcore, implement the same in battlefront.

or are we talking controls? Again, people will learn to fly, considering you're making us play online since there's no single player...