43 More Added to Xbox One Backwards Compatibility List - Including Dark Souls II and The Witcher II

Grab It is reporting that a further 43 backwards compatible Xbox 360 games have been unearthed, bringing the total to 130. This includes such notables as Dark Souls II, Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands and The Witcher II.

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SlappingOysters2733d ago

Top of my list that still hasn't been added is the last two Mass Effect and Dead Space games, and Skate 3. And maybe Spec Ops; The Line - which sits in my pile of shame.

sarahnade2733d ago

Mass Effect 3 sits at the very top of my pile of shame. Really hope they add it.

SlappingOysters2733d ago

I got halfway through it and lost momentum. Didn't quite grab me like the first two. I still haven't updated though, and do look forward to going through an seeing the original ending. One of these days

4Sh0w2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

This is still one helluva list though. They are already well over 100, talk about over delivering!; at this rate its going to be a huge library of BC games to choose from when it launches for everybody:

A Kingdom For Keflings Endwar Killer is Dead Rainbow Six Vegas
A World Of Keflings Fable 2 Madden NFL 16 Soul Calibur IV
Alan Wake Fable 3 Mass Effect Splinter Cell: Blacklist
Alien Hominid HD Fallout 3 Monster High: New Ghoul in School Splinter Cell: Conviction
Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Far Cry 2 Ms. Pac-Man Splinter Cell: Double Agent
Assassin’s Creed II Far Cry 3 N+ Super Meat Boy
Assassin’s Creed Liberation: HD Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Need for Speed: Most Wanted Toy Soldiers
Assassins Creed Forza Horizon Ninja Gaiden 3 Toy Soldiers: Cold War
Assassins Creed Revelations Forza Motorsport 2 Pac-Man CEDX Toy Story 3
Banjo-Kazooie Forza Motorsport 3 Perfect Dark Trials Evolution
Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts Forza Motorsport 4 Perfect Dark Zero Trials HD
Banjo-Tooie Gears of War Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Viva Piñata
BattleBlock Theater Gears of War 2 Prototype Viva Piñata: Trouble In Paradise
Bayonetta Gears of War 3 Prototype 2 Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings
BioShock Gears of War: Judgement Rainbow Six Vegas Worms 2: Armageddon
BioShock Infinite Geometry Wars Evolved Rainbow Six Vegas 2
Borderlands Ghost Recon Advanced Warfare Rayman Legends
Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway Ghost Recon Advanced Warfare 2 Rayman Origins
Call of Juarez Gunslinger Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Risen
Call of Juarez: Bound By Blood Halo 3 Risen 2
Cars Halo 4 Risen 3: Titan Lords
Child of Eden Halo Anniversary Sacred 2: Fallen Angel
Civilization Revolution Halo Wars Sacred 3
Clash of Heroes HD Halo: O.D.S.T Saints Row
Dark Souls Halo: Reach Saints Row The Third
Dark Souls II Hexic HD Shadow Complex
Dead Space I Am Alive Shadowrun
Defense Grid: The Awakening Jetpac Refuelled Shoot Many Robots
Driver: San Francisco Just Cause 2 Small Arms
Dynasty Warriors 8 Kameo: Elements of Power Sonic Adventure 2

-Wow, thats just awesome fan service.

2733d ago
4Sh0w2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

How does giving your fans their most requested feature for FREE= BC, make old games the future????

-lol, I wont play most of these again anytime soon but you could sell your 360 just to add to your X1 library, then play it all on 1 console which gives me alot of very convenient options along with NEW releases of some bigtime exclusives coming from now through out 2016:

Fable Legends
Sea of Thieves
Quantum Break
Gears of War4

-hmmm looks like you conveniently forgot about those, huh?

Tedakin2733d ago

Yeah ME3 is my top shame game in my back catalogue.

WowSoChill2733d ago


Nothing is stopping you from playing all the new games released each year on Xbox One..... oh wait, you dont even own one

i will be playing Halo 5, Tomb Raider, Forza 6, Gears UE, Fable Legends and more this Year on Xbox One for new Games

Grap2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

I told you guys there's always that one guy complaining about everything.

t-hall7852733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

@Dragonfly...PSNow says hi!!! I bet Sony invested wayyy more into PSNow than MS did. And they're CHARGING YOU for it...smh

Utalkin2me2733d ago


Your right cause you can't play your old games on your old console....SMH.

Bigpappy2733d ago

Owning Xbox feels like good sex. It keeps giving and giving. Keeping a smile on my face.

sonarus2733d ago

This generation seems to be defined by lame remasters and glorifying old games. SMH.

dantesparda2733d ago

Wow, a whole 43 more games added to the list, totaling 140? That's Great! Only 1020+ more to go!

But seriously, this says a lot about the X1, when one of its most looked forward to features is to play last gen games (on an emulator that doesn't up-res them like the 360 did) and runs a lot of the games at even worst framerates than the 360. Yay!

And if you really cared this much to play your last gen games, then you would have kept your 360. Don't get me wrong, it nice to have the ability, but lets not get carried away with it. Oh but thats right, this is a rabid let's just say "fan" site, where everything your beloved company does is praised to Kingdomcome! And the greatest thing ever.

lvl_headed_gmr2732d ago

EA has said they want to bring all their last gen games to EAAccess.

I expect EA will release all their last gen games through EAAccess...meaning you'll need to pay to play all 5he Dead Space games and Mass Effect games.

I di hope though that those who already own the games can still play them without the EAaccess...however, I have EAAccess so either way, i'm covered.

Kingdomcome2472732d ago

None of these games show up on the official Xbox site list. Can anyone confirm these for me by popping Infinite in their Xbox One? I will buy it tomorrow if true.

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Perjoss2733d ago

Dont get me wrong this BC is awesome, but if you love so many 360 games then just buy a 360, they are cheap and the newer models dont even red ring anymore.

2733d ago
Imalwaysright2733d ago

Why would he spend more money buying a 360 when he already has a console that will allow him to play his 360 games?

Tedakin2733d ago

Or can just buy an Xbox One and have 2 consoles in 1.

Kiwi662733d ago

The 360's haven't red ringed for years

lemoncake2733d ago

There's also good benefits to playing these on Xbox one instead of 360 as you get to use the Xbox one controller, the system is almost completely silent unlike the 360 and you have acces to all the Xbox one interface features like video clips, screenshots, broadcasting etc.

If the BC in the Xbox one was not very good I would have said get a 360 but the BC is just so very good, even getting games to run better in some cases. You are crazy if you go out and buy a 360 now, put that money towards an Xbox one and you are sorted.

NemesisTheGod2733d ago

You get next gen features on your xbox one, it's better to play your old games on new hardware. It's not the same as 360's backwards compatibility.

falviousuk2733d ago

You can also record video and take screenshots.

Games load faster than on the 360. You have a singular catalogue.

You dont need two consoles sitting under your TV.

You dont need to have multiple controllers lying about.

There are many reasons why having BC is a great option, and thats what it is, an option. It doesnt take awy from new games, xbox one games etc.

It just adds to it.

there are plenty of people out there who have never played these games. So the xbox one now has a very large game library, and with all the high quality upcoming titles this year and next, there is no reason not to get one if you enjoy gaming.

Ignore the fanboys and jsut have fun with Games, dont play the console name game.

Perjoss2733d ago

"Why would he spend more money buying a 360 when he already has a console that will allow him to play his 360 games?"

mainly because the One will never have 100% BC for many reasons, expired licenses for example. The 360 will play all 360 games with no problems, excluding any online only games that have had their servers taken down for whatever reason.

Utalkin2me2733d ago


Obviously if he has 360 games then he obviously has a 360 to go with it.

meanthyme2733d ago

Or get an xbox one and get 4 free games a month.

MeliMel2733d ago

Why buy a xbox 360 when I can buy Xbox One this holiday and play Xbox One and my 360 games. This makes it easier for those who already have 360 to make the jump.

peshkavusCA2733d ago

Xbox 360 can't play Xbox One games though...

Spid3r62733d ago

So if I have the the Xbox One you are telling me to add buy the 360 instead?? All I be missing is my friends on Xbox One along with online MP, also would have to switch from the Xbox One to the 360 along with reconnecting the network....Now thats pretty backwards to me....I cant wait for us to be able to jump to 360 games when ever we want too. Check this scenario out...Playing with friends Gears Of War Ultimate Edition,(you know what would be cool is to jump onto horde mode on Gears of War 2) I know of all my friends have it boom jump onto Gears 2 easy as pie...Come on you have to admit this feature is pretty killer. And the fact that many people are ecstatic proves it.

XanderZane2733d ago

Most gamers already own one. B/C would allow you to sell your old XBox 360 consoles. Use the money to buy the new games coming out this holiday on the XB1. I'm glad they added the Witcher 2 to the list. I still have a sealed collectors edition version that I'm thinking about selling.

JasonKCK2733d ago

You guys downplaying BC should just stop, your methods are downright embarrassing.

Trekster_Gamer2733d ago

RROD has been non issue for half a decade. In fact the past to xbox360 revisions have haf the most stable and built in safety features !

BC is awesome, on top of all the great games released and VERY soon to be released on the XB1 we will soon have FREE BC as it should be!

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SlappingOysters2733d ago

Pretty cool you can play them all on PC, too. Not for me, but still a great option.

SlappingOysters2733d ago

Did you read the article - yes you can.

Death2733d ago


You can access all of your Xbox One and Xbox 360 games that are b/c through your Windows 10 PC or Surface. The games are streamed from your Xbox One and you do lose access to the console locally when streaming. You do however have full control of the system remotely. It's pretty obvious this has been in the planning stages for quite some time. Had we retained the ability to rip our games we would have full access to our library without the need for the disc to be in the drive.

Thunder_G0d_Bane2733d ago

Just waiting on you Red Dead.... come on!!

gixer2733d ago

Agree. Rockstar need to get with the program and agree to their titles being BC. If not just announce that your titles are not going to be due to future plans for remastered versions (would gladly pay for a remastered RDR) To be fair this can only be the reason why Rockstar and other companies under Activision and not agreeing to it. Activision are scared of losing out on some future cash a remaster or collection might produce.

ghostface92733d ago

if they already added mass effect the original obviousily they will add the other two. Dead space was already shown as one of the images for the backwards compatibility list of games at gamescom so it will be added to skate 3 should too because EA is on board with bc.

mhunterjr2733d ago

The licensed soundtrack in skate might prevent it from getting BC support... Keep your fingered crossed...

user99502792733d ago

Only game on my list is Full House Poker, not a peep about it yet. Plenty of votes and an active online community. Kind of starting to irk me.... hoping MS' goes for a hull HD port instead.

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StrayaKNT2733d ago

"Grab It is reporting that a further 43 backwards compatible Xbox 360 games have been unearthed, bringing the total to 130"

WOW 130 bc titles added to the x1 library later this year ON TOP of the already brutal exclusive line up. You cant get better than that guys :)

SlappingOysters2733d ago

I can't say I would be inclined to replay anything I had already finished, but excited about the chance to look at some titles I missed first time around.

I wonder if the pre-owned price of Xbox 360 games on this list will now go up?

LonDonE2733d ago

Trust me they will buddy buy every 360 game u want asap while prices are dirt cheap!!

Edward752733d ago

Some already have at gamestop. Many titles that are multiplatform for last gen show a difference now in anticipation.

Granted it's by a dollar or two more only. Like red dead redemption, call of duty black ops 2, and even batman arkham asylum are more expensive on 360 than ps3 now.

Death2733d ago


We may see a temporary price bump as demand increases, but once the digital copies are available for sale used prices should plummet.

Bigpappy2732d ago

I don't know this, but there may be the option to buy the digital version, if you don't already own the game. I say tis because you don't actually play your old games, when you put them in the drive, a digital copy is downloaded. I suspect this is why some publishers are quick to approve BC. Hopefully the price is dirt cheap.

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Paytaa2733d ago

Sweet now I can revist The Witcher 2 after I finish The Witcher 3.

WitWolfy2733d ago

EXACTLY what I'm gonna do this afternoon!

Eterna1Ice2733d ago

I could finish it right before I return to the patched III, might even start a new game to change some choices.

annoyedgamer2733d ago

And most Gold members already have a copy of the game for free.

AtomHeart6232733d ago

I really hope arkham origins would be added to the list. It is the best of the arkham games aside from arkham city. Montreal nailed boss battles and atmosphere.

FoxyGotGame2733d ago

Arkham Origins is good, but not as good as Arkham City. But better "In my opinion" than Arkham Knight, because I refuse to replay it due to S/Tank Missions. I found those Tedious.

I still have my 360, so it's hard for me to get pumped over B/C.

Spid3r62733d ago

Once friends start revisiting MP on many of the old games you might want to think twice....I know I will be playing some good old fashion Rainbow six vegas and vegas 2 along with the new one. The possibilities are endless.

Benchm4rk2732d ago

So i wasn't the only one then. The Batmobile was cool for the first hour but god did those missions with it get tedious. Hated how they forced it on you throughout the whole game.

Rookie_Monster2733d ago

I am glad Dark souls and Dark Souls II were added even when a HD version of DS2 is already available. This bolds well for future BC for games that have already have HD remastered.

Sureshot2733d ago

U always get down voted for speaking the truth...

Gamer4life132733d ago

Personally I don't agree with them adding DS2 I mean what's the point when they have a remastered version of it. Now the first DS I can agree with. After looking at the list i felt like some of the titles shouldn't be there as there are already remastered versions of the games on Xbox one. It's a waste as they could of added games that aren't already remastered on Xbox one.

elarcadia2733d ago

If the publishers have agreed to it, why not add it? Just because they decided to add DSII does not mean they could have "added another in its place". MS has to get permission from all third-party game companies to allow their games to be added to the BC list. It is not a first come first serve system amigo.

mhunterjr2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

The point is, people have a choice to buy the cheaper last gen version if they aren't too pressed to play with shinier graphics...

It also means that people who already own the 360 versions can continue to play them, without holding onto your old console...

I don't understand why you would disagree' with having more choice as a consumers... You act as if making games that have remasters BC takes space away from other games... There's unlimited space in the program... Publishers just have to allow it.

Death2733d ago


Are you really complaining that remastered titles have b/c support for those that don't wish to repurchase them? There is no waste of time here since the games run in emulated hardware. They aren't being rewritten for b/c.

Jmanzare2733d ago

At least this debunks the argument that publishers won't allow games to be Bc because of remasters . Also I have ds2 on 360 and xb1 I will probably install the backwards compatible version too because of the characters I created on 360 I'm on ng++

thisgamer5032733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

Lol ridiculous point of view. So why is it a waste to add ds2 again? Give any real reason. If the publisher agreed then it is little work on MS's part to add it. If I already own it on 360, why should I be forced to buy the remaster? Maybe I want to be able to record while playing? Can't do that on 360, but I can do that on the One with the 360 version of the game, so there are benefits of playing the old games on the newer console. Fail to realize this or....? SO why again? Oh yeah, you're a butthurt little fanboy. My bad

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HighResHero2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

I was thinking something similar.
Any idea if you will have be online or login to XBL to play any of the BC games? or can I just download the update, then put any (compatible) disc in and start playing?
I ask because this BC thing has me interested in maybe buying an XbOne.
$350 or less seems like a great deal if I can play RDR, Bayonetta, etc. discs also.

thisgamer5032733d ago

Once you download the game you can play it offline.

Rookie_Monster2733d ago

It works pretty much like how the XB1 or PS4 games are today.

If you already have the disc and it is a BC title, all you have to do is put it in the disc drive and the system will direct you to DL a digital version of the game and once downloaded, you can play it with your disc in the trey and no online is needed, unless you want to play MP online of course.

If you have or planning to buy the digital copy of the game in the Live marketplace, then the digital copy will just show up at your home dash game list and you can proceed to download it to your HDD or external HDD and play.

MS made it simple and easy with the added benefit of still able to play against other x360 gamers on their X360 consoles online, purchase and use all DLCs for the game, and also able to use the XB1 features such as DVr, Streamin. Also, every 2 X360 games for gold that you get every month from now on will be BC with the XB1.