Everybody's Gone To The Rapture Refuels An Ongoing War

The latest from The Chinese Room has brought an old conflict back to the forefront: What exactly constitutes a "video game?" How much interaction is necessary?

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uth111190d ago

When it make you just take in a story and do very little to participate in it, then it's more an interactive novel than a game, I think.

Not that there's anything wrong with that, lots of people love them.

But when you call them games, give them 9/10, 10/10, then you will disappoint a lot of people who buy it who weren't expecting something with very little gameplay

christian hour1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

Personally I think the term "video game" is a bit outdated. It's evolved a lot since the 70s/80s and now encompasses a variety of different experiences and approaches you can take in delivering those, each approach suited to a particular style or story or experience.

I think we're doing the medium a disservice by limiting it to "games".

Personally I think interactive entertainment is a much more suitable, broad term and within that spectrum can exist "games" and "novels" and anything else you can think up, the sky and your imagination is the limit really.

Ozmoses1190d ago

I agree christian. It's like painter's palette in my opinion.

there are things that suit everyone. there are even games where you literally are like a painter. all you do is create something new or create a scene from your daily experiences.

uth111189d ago

I agree, and there have been attempts to try on new terms before, like when CD-roms started becoming big in the 90s- there were a bunch of entertainment CDs that weren't quite games and would be labeled 'interactive experience' or something

born_naughty1188d ago

Just like wrestling become "Sports Entertainment" :-)

joab7771190d ago

I don't agree. Games can be all different sorts. And it's really hard to fool anyone anymore...with a million websites, reviews, twitch, youtube. And gamers are even more aware as the types of games available today and the number of pay models is of such a variety that there is something for everyone.

Very good recent examplet would be...THIS GAME! Many have followed it closely for awhile now. Others who havnt probably don't even know it released. There were a ton of reviews today that spelled out exactly what it entailed, down to the so called lack of a run button (another story altogether...did they even play it?)

So, we cannot shoehorn games into some box. Imho, there is a wonder place for games like these, as Chinese Room has proven w/ previous work.

s45gr321190d ago

Oh boy this is tough, here we go as to what is a game debacle

isarai1190d ago

Does it matter? does anything change if you come to a conclusion?

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Repjaws1190d ago

I don't know,games always seemed to be like a form of art to me.Everyone having their own vision of how they want to make a game,especially since games are so big now you have all these indie devs trying to make/craft something new and unique.This game might appeal to some people and to others it may not.I mean its only 20$.

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