gamescom 2015: Crackdown 3’s Use of Technology is Jaw-dropping | Xbox Wire

"The Crackdown series has always been a fan-favorite, offering a very memorable brand of over-the-top crime-fighting action. We were pretty psyched to hear about its return with Crackdown 3, and we walked away from our recent gamescom 2015 demo totally blown away, Not only did we get the kind of awesome single-player Crackdown experience that we know and love; we got the coolest tech demo that has ever graced the Xbox One.

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n4rc1165d ago

"You can conceivably raze the city to the ground with your friends – which is, obviously, the first thing we intend to do when we get our hands on the game."

lol... yup.. cant help but get excited to see how this game develops over the next year

Professor_K1165d ago

A positive article about the cloud?

got a good feeling this article will upset alooot of people!

i personally don't care, and just want this game already!

tgunzz1165d ago

Ah..... Future tech is finally becoming current tech.... Exciting new levels of gaming incoming... Game on!