Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (2008) MicroReview

Hideo Kojima’s PlayStation 3 masterpiece still holds up just as well in 2015.

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XBLSkull1168d ago

The gameplay was great, the unfortunate thing of this game is that there is more cutscenes than actual game. Final cut scene put me to sleep, I honestly don't know how it ended, just remember a cemetery scene.

breakpad1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

MGS4 has the best TP perspective Action gameplay present in a game yet and the best sci fiction concept art ever created for a game(nothing comes close to it )...its online part also was unbelievably addictive and imo one of , if not the best competitive MP ever in game history....but its story left some unsatisfied including me tried to explain everything with nanomachines and AIs (very convenient)..also didnt include Kojima's original idea for ending the game and the series

Name Last Name1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

The only thing I didn't like about the story is that they didn't go into details about how Raiden became a cyborg and saved Sonny from the patriots. Kojima left this out because he was gonna explain it in MGS: Rising but after development problems it transformed into MG Rising: Revengeance set in the future and we never got the details.

I was also confused about why in the final battle Ocelot had a completely replaced arm instead of just the hand and said that he was Liquid's doppelganger(so he was not controlled by Liquid after all). But thanks to the MGS4 database I understood that he replaced the whole arm to prevent Liquid from taking his mind (since Ocelot is The Sorrow and the Boss' son and he got some of his father's power) Still, I wish it was explained more during the game.

showtimefolks1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )


If you thought the cutscenes were too much than you don't know anything about mgs series. It's known for having long cutscenes

Also phantom pain won't have as long of cutscenes but that doest mean they won't be long. If something was an hour long and now is 30 minutes long so that's not as long yet still long

Absolutely love mgs 4

TeamLeaptrade1168d ago

I still have not played it. I got it sometime ago and it's been sitting there, waiting for me to finally play it. One of these days I actually will.

SquidBuck1167d ago

Why wait on a masterpiece?

LonDonE1167d ago

Agreed its one of the ps3 best game.
In fact with all the remasters these days, i would love a native 1080p 60fps locked mgs4 on x1 and ps4! would gladly buy again.

mayberry1168d ago

GotP was an experience in gaming for the record books. A fitting end to a 20 year epic story. Will there ever be suc an IP again? Gamers can hope!

FallenAngel19841168d ago

MGS4 was such a killer app for PS3 in 2008. The beta is what attracted me to the series.

SolidGear31168d ago

This was when I got a PS3. I got the 80GB / MGS4 bundle at midnight on June 12, 2008. Very good memories. I had been gaming on and off since 1990 but getting a PS3 is what turned me hardcore.

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