Ubisoft: Players go Rogue in The Division for up to 5 minutes, if they survive

One of the most anticipated games releasing next year is undoubtedly Tom Clancy's The Division and despite the long development it has endured, things are looking very exciting, especially in the PvP arena. Ubisoft recently revealed more information about what will happen when a player decides to go Rogue in The Division.

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-Foxtrot1164d ago

You can play the single player by yourself right? Not have a team of people following you constantly

RuleNumber51164d ago

Right, though it's unclear how much single player content there will be. Ubi has been mum about length, among other things.

-Foxtrot1164d ago

So basically, there's a high possibility the single player is non existent and it's only an online based game like Destiny.

RuleNumber51164d ago

@FoxTrot that's the worst case scenario I can see happening, which don't get me wrong isn't good. But yeah that's a good comparison.

Stapleface1163d ago

@Fox, they have never marketed this game as anything but an online only mp/co-op game. I'm not sure where you could get the idea the game is anything else by what they have shown so far. But at the same time they haven't said no sp, so there is still a chance.

Gh05t1163d ago

Why do they keep talking and showing PvP and showing us very little about Single player. The more time they go on and neglect showing part of the game, the more i worry about the end results.

I am really hoping this isnt another over promised and under delivered game.

mogwaii1163d ago

This game is going to be destiny all over again.

Findingcrybabies1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

Worse. This one is made by Ubishit. It doesn't get worse than that. Terrible dev. It will be another broken, half finished game that needs 2 years and 12 patches to be "functional" I will never buy anything that says "Ubishit" on it ever again.

OHHHHH but I will be coming here and read though. Watchdogs and the last AC? Dear god that was hilarious reading all of that crying and rage. I'm looking forward to this game as well. N4G is so much fun to read when a new Ubishit game comes out.

Stapleface1163d ago

I already know how this is going to work. Just like GTAV bounties. Player kills people, gets Rogue status, then just signs off for five minutes. In GTAV, people just run to their apartments to hide. Unless it stay on for 5 minutes of game time and not just a five minute timer that can be avoided, it will be a pointless mechanic.

WellyUK1163d ago

Urgh why is this even being implemented? This game is going to fail due to it not being what people think it is. If you go rogue then you shouldn't be a massive blimp on the map/radar that's just stupid IMO, if someone wants to go rogue then just let them do it without having something like this to try and prevent them. Most people are expecting a dayz style game but atm it seems like its going to be extremely casual and just be a co-op game for the most part. Kind of disappointing to me that they went the easy way.

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