Top 5 games based on TV shows

Similar to movie tie-ins, games based on TV shows are also known for an overwhelming lack of polish and quality, so much so that many players simply disregard them as soon as they hear the word “adaptation”. Of course, this notion is not entirely unfounded, as we have seen some truly terrible iterations of well-known shows (The Walking Dead and Star Trek, just to name a few), but fear not, since not everything that comes out of the small screen is garbage. Here are our top 5 games based on TV which are actually a damn good time.

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MrsNesbitt1216d ago

Simpsons hit and run was so good! Nostalgic feels. Great article!

hamshira1216d ago

The walking dead - what a brilliant game series.

Joystickero1216d ago

No one can say no to that statement!

Fridgecake1216d ago

I loved the matrix game. Graphics were quite awful I though but it was hella fun

Joystickero1216d ago

It was indeed quite good, but seeing as that is based on a movie and not a TV show per se, it couldn't be considered for the list. Good game though!

Trekster_Gamer1215d ago

Star Trek Judgement Rites..

LKane1215d ago

Some worthy of mentioning might be..

CSI series on PC.
Ninja Turtles Turtles in Time for SNES

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