Six Things You Need to Know About PES 2016 [NDTV]

NDTV says: "With Gamescom being focussed on markets outside the US, it's only natural that football games got a lot of attention. Though EA Sports' FIFA 16 was available for all to check out on the show floor, in the business section of the event we got to play Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 (PES 2016).

We checked it out and spoke to Adam Bhatti, European Brand Manager for Pro Evolution Soccer series at Konami Digital Entertainment to find out why this football game deserves your attention."

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Yi-Long1162d ago

I really hope they fixed the problem where the CPU rarely/never fouls you, which means you almost never get a free kick awarded.

iistuii1162d ago

Hooray, someone else agrees with me. So unrealistic playing a complete season with 1 free kick. I had to play a friend to even see what a penalty or red/yellow card looked like.

3-4-51162d ago

Can't wait to start playing this. 2015 was good, this sounds even better.

bouzebbal1162d ago

I can't really use this list for much, cause you barely notice these things while you are playing.
When i first read the title i had hope they will be speaking of improvements to the online modes which are terrible.
Gameplay is really good and fun, but the online modes are laggy and you need to wait so long to actually play online.
No possibilities to have an online guest who's sitting next to me, no more than 2 vs 2 online matches. This wasn't even acceptable in 2009.
I don't give a damn about graphics in this kind of games, there are much more important things into it.

1nsomniac1162d ago

This is good news. I'm definitly picking this up this year.