Xbox One Exec Teases "Great, Unique Ideas" for the Future

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has teased that Microsoft is cooking up some "real great, unique ideas" for the future of Xbox. Looking to the future in an interview with Polygon, Spencer said he doesn't expect everyone will be pleased, but is enthusiastic about the Xbox platform's potential going forward.

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KionicWarlord2221190d ago

"There'll be certain people who'll throw eggs at certain parts of it and people embrace other parts of it."


Let the haters hate flow and xbox one shall grow stronger.

AngelicIceDiamond1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

I'm curious what he could be refering to. Some will hate what Xbox will do and others will embrace it.

A game, feature, both. I'm beyond curious now. I hope I won't throw eggs at it...

wait.. is it DRM!? Gamesharing!?

@Chris has to be gamesharing. Some will hate it because you'll have some form of check in. Others will love it because that was literally the only thing that ppl liked out of MS original plan.

MS could give us options this time around.

christocolus1190d ago

Lol. DRM? Hell no. Gamesharing? YES.

shloobmm31190d ago

I didn't mind MS original plan. It would have allowed developers do do things very differently.

AzubuEntus1190d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if MS did surprise butt rape their fanbase by implementing DRM and the always-online requirement for Xbox One. But then again, we're talking about Phil Spencer. He wouldn't do that...or would he?

ArmrdChaos1190d ago

If you are going to allow game sharing then there is going to have to be some form of DRM which isn't all that bad if done properly and with the gamers in mind.

Grap1190d ago

You really took that literally, he just said that cause it's a fact you can't please everyone even if you set your console price for 1$ there's always that one guy complaining about it.

donthate1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )


The original Xbox One DRM policies was with the gamer in mind. The status quo we are stuck with is not!

Yes, always online sucked, but it was the only way to allow for all the other benefits.

If you can gameshare with 10 people, do you really care about that trade-in value?

Splitting the cost with my ten friends, any trade in or freedom with the media would have little value to me. 24-hour check-in is not a problem for me either as my internet is down for hours on the extreme rare occassion it does happen, not days.

Yet I still have the ability to sell, trade or gift my digital game away:

I couldn't really ask for more, because now I cannot trade, sell or gift my game away. I can only share with one console with the downside of literally being "always online" and cannot share with anyone else.

MeliMel1190d ago

A newer more powerful Xbox One..

Septic1190d ago

Expect more Xbox One games going to PC by the sounds of it.

XBLSkull1190d ago

Ah yes, the benefits were so awesome compared to the disadvantage of my internet going down once or twice a year, what a bummer this isn't in place today, it would have been...

I really hope they allow PC to Xbox game streaming, I'd definitely get more use out of my high end gaming rig if I could easily enjoy it on my couch/theatre setup.

lvl_headed_gmr1189d ago

I think he's addressing the standard hate MS gets for anything they do to try and move gaming forward.

The media has been very hard on MS this gen. Win10,DX12 and Cloud computing have been ridiculed by the mainstream media for 3 years now.

Everytime MS talk about new tech, the media runs out to a Naughty Dog developer to get their impression where then for obvious reasons, is downplayed by the Naughty Dog individual.

Let the haters hate, which is generally the loud and very vocal Sony crowd. MS is going to show new and better ways to develop games.

Kal0psia1189d ago (Edited 1189d ago )


Totally agree, in the state console gaming is with mobile glad Microsoft is in the industry. They can afford to take major risk for innovation, they're a major corporation taking a risk and Xbox was and has always been a risk. They never had to be in the gaming industry. Also we can't deny what they've arleady provided alot on connecting gamers and how we play with each other online.

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TheGreatGamer1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

You'll never please everyone because that's just impossible for any company with a large following to do but as long as the new ideas he talks about are innovative and consumer-friendly then I'm on board

no_more_heroes1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

Comment in the article mentioned Steam on XB1 because of Win10. That sounds very interesting indeed. Would that be how they'd implement PC to XB1 streaming? Phil did recently say Win10 won't be competing with Steam and full kb/m support is apparently in the works.

They could just do it through the Xbox App too though. The games are still installed on your PC (not just "in Steam"); the app could just read their file path.

What sounds more likely: streaming through the Xbox App, or a Steam game streaming app on XB1 which connects to your steam client on PC?

pelenow1190d ago

Perhaps he nailed down another 3rd party exclusive. Lord knows people won't stop crying about that.

ScorpiusX1190d ago

If that's it I hope it's a permanent
console exclusive cause another six month to a year is just waste of money.

pelenow1190d ago

True. Not to mention the first party stuff is looking awesome right now!

IVanSpinal1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

my guess, more xbox games to pc

SnakeCQC1190d ago

Why would anyone downvote this?

ScorpiusX1190d ago

Cause not everyone wants the constant updating crap , while others prefer the one time buy and play for years.

raggy-rocket1190d ago

Also windows 10 versions of xbox games isn't a 'great unique idea'

Septic1190d ago

Yeah same here. That's certainly the vibe I'm getting.

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