Disgaea 5 for PS4 Pre-orders Live on PSN for $49.99

Disgaea 5 is now available to pre-order for PS4 on PSN. There's even a little bonus for those who go digital.

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chrish19901259d ago

Not my type of game unfortunately, but maybe one day. I've been getting into a few JRPG's lately on the Vita, so maybe once I've gotten more accustomed to the way they play I'll try this series.

Or I'll just go back to playing mindless Western games :D

Griever1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

This is a strategy RPG and not a JRPG in the traditional sense. Kind of like Fire Emblem; you know you move in on blocks on the field, have different troops at disposal and fight in turn based combat. However, it is much deeper (or grindy) with a lot of levelling, item levelling, dungeons etc. I have seen people put upto 300 hours into a single game.

3-4-51258d ago

Definitely getting this once I get a PS4.

Epicor1259d ago

Disgaea series is so good! My favourite strategy RPGs for sure. And the dark humor is awesome.

DarkZane1259d ago

No it's not up for preorder. It was when store went up for 10 minutes at 49.99 USD and CAD, but they took it down likely for pricing error and it hasn't come back up.

If you grabbed it for 49.99$, it's yours, but if you haven't, you will likely have to pay more if they put it back up for more.

Veneno1258d ago

Its possible the final price could be 50. Disgaea games are traditionally not full price.