Rumored PlayStation Store New Content (US) for July 31, 2008

In their regular weekly feature, PlayStation LifeStyle takes a look at what we should be getting this week:
- Facebreaker demo [FREE]
- Madden NFL 09 demo [FREE]
- PixelJunk Eden [$9.99 USD]
- Rock Band DLC: Assorted Songs (one @ $0.99 USD, three @ $1.99 USD)
- Soul Calibur DLC, original BGM*

Additional Content:
- PS3 Theme, Killzone 2 Theme*
- PS3 Theme, PixelJunk Eden Theme
- Wallpaper, Siren: Blood Curse Wallpaper(s)

NOTE: This list is not all-inclusive (videos, wallpapers, etc.) and content is always subject to change.

*Items marked with an asterisk denote rumored content, while the other content is confirmed.

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StalkingSilence4465d ago

PSLS is working on being more accurate. There's the possibility of another demo being release and of course, the slight chance that we'll see Life with PlayStation as mentioned by Jack Tretton at the Sony Press Event @ E3 (tied in with new PS3 Firmware 2.42?). Anyway, I'll keep this updated and we're contacting SCEA to find out.

paul_war4465d ago

How about a prediction for the EU store?

(Though I surpose you could just look back a couple of weeks at the US releases and that will be the EU update)

StalkingSilence4465d ago

I honestly have no idea. So if you wanted a guess I'd say EU won't get the Madden NFL 09 demo, unless you want to get it from our store. You will get PixelJunk Eden. But they will get I dunno... a LEGO: Indiana Jones Original Adventures DEMO (released on XBL weeks ago) and a Locoroco 2 wallpaper for PSP. haha but that's totally guessing and not backed by sources like the article.

EU releases are interesting though, maybe unlike US, you'll get a PSone classic.

In all honesty though, the only real paid content is PixelJunk Eden, and EU will be getting that as well. So everything else is free and you can just make a US PSN account.

paul_war4465d ago

PixelJunk Eden will do, though I still have Siren & Elefunk to get through, not to mention Echochrome that we recently got.

Nothing for ages, then it all comes at once.

StalkingSilence4465d ago

this is a total longshot, but it's possible EU/AU will get LingerInShadows this week while US will have to wait a while.

Ben10544465d ago

European store should get this around the end of august

Fishy Fingers4465d ago (Edited 4465d ago )

I hope your right, LingerinShadow is something I'm really looking forward to, I've been a fan of demosceners for a long time.

solidt124465d ago

Madden Demo would be cool. I never owned any madden games because I suck but I think this year Im ready to step up. PixelJunk Eden [$9.99 USD] I am buying. I loved the demo, a good challenging game. I might have to buy Soul Calibur after all.

Playstation Man4465d ago

I'm still holding PSLifeStyle to this supposed Square announcement! I'm telling ya, if that doesn't come through they basically self-destructed themselves (hence the change of heart with how they do their site, I'm expecting the worst let down possible).

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meepmoopmeep4465d ago

PJ Eden and Theme = wOOt!

more Siren wallpaper tooooo!

Luca Blight4465d ago

The Killzone 2 theme is cool

sephy 9 2 54465d ago

KZ2 theme on PSU. I saw it in a story posted earlier. One of the better ones in general.

Playstation Man4465d ago

It's alright, nothing truly spectacular, but okay.

StalkingSilence4464d ago

What Square announcement?
- August 3 reveal was planned for the site, but not something Sony would release. Hardware 2 screens and that is being reconsidered.
- FFVII remake was deleted and that author even left the site. Sev1512 came online and said we didn't know anything about one.

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bluecapone4465d ago

cant wait to test out that madden demo

StalkingSilence4465d ago

too bad EA demos normally are sub-par. they cut down on the size too so it fits on Xbox360, so they removed commentary. plus, my understanding is there will only be a 2 minute gameplay portion where you get to be Eli Manning and the Giants at the end drive of the super bowl. Sounds like you won't even get to test out any new defensive controls.

TheExecutive4465d ago

PJ: Eden= day one buy. That demo rocked

meepmoopmeep4465d ago

yeah, it took me a few tries to figure it out but i got the hang of it. really unique game. Q is on a roll... good job Q-Games! can't wait to see what you've got in store next!

Cenobia4465d ago

Did you guys try the co-op? It is so much fun. You can save your friend from falling by catching him and stuff. You can also bounce off each other mid-air to reach higher places.

Just turn on another controller and hit start. I'm hoping they have online co-op in the full release, but I kind of doubt it.

Eden is my favorite PSN game so far. Until Fat Princess comes out, of course.

StalkingSilence4465d ago

I hadn't tried co-op. Sounds awesome catching the person and bouncing off each other. Will do tonight!

About online co-op in the full release. It's not going to happen. One of the game's producers from SCEA (I think it was Deborah Mars) said that there was too much lag introduced in a game where timing was everything. Ironically though, the game is still playable via remote play which can often-times have game-ruining lag. But at least Q-Games is pioneering!

kingme714465d ago

Hmmm... interesting. I didn't know they had coop in Eden. At first I had no idea what I was doing in the demo, then it started to grow on me (no pun intended) and by the end I had played the demo for like 3 hours and had alot of fun.

Might try and get my wife to coop. She seemed mildly interested when I was playing it which is a first for just about any game.

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