Dekavita 7, Turning PS Vita TV Into 7 Inches Portable Console, Now Available for Pre-Order in Japan

After a small delay, the aptly named Dekavita 7 (“Deka” in Japanese means “Giant”) is finally ready for its Japanese launch date on September 17th, and today manufacturer Gametech opened pre-orders for the contraption.

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uth111166d ago


It ill be more cumbersome than a Vita

Probably cost as much as a Vita, and isn't as fully compatible

Abriael1166d ago

I guess some people like it big. I wouldn't buy it, but I'm sure there's a market for it in Japan.

Death1166d ago

I'd pick one up with a Vita TV. I think it looks awesome.

Abriael1166d ago

It's just slightly too pricey for my taste, I guess. I'll be in Japan when it launches, and honestly I've been tempted for a moment, but the pricetag is pretty high.

Abriael1166d ago

199 bucks. It's a honest price for what it is, screen and all, I guess, but it's just more than I'm willing to pay.

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NinjaNick1166d ago

A 7 inch screen displaying 540p content inches from your face? Uh, ok. Enjoy those hige pixels..

deadpools_n641166d ago

Can't lie. I would buy it.

YoungKingDoran1166d ago

I actually had this idea recently to turn a PSTV into a portable console, but never would have acted on it.

Personally I think this is awesome - it's just a shame about the PSTV compatibility.

Eidolon1166d ago

What's the appeal, I don't see it?

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