Abyss: Dark Arisen Closed Beta Begins Aug 12th, Join Now and Earn Perks for Further Betas

Abyss is ready to be tested and NGames wants to reward you for your participation in this closed beta.

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generalwinter1163d ago

Glad to see rewards for beta testing, they should when you are helping them do their work

TheDude791163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

If they really wanted these beta's to be effective, they'd reward the people who actually take the time submit thorough feedback. You'd get a ton of feedback, especially from the majority of gamers who typically just play the beta as a preview of whats to come.

Jaedia1163d ago

Agree, though that can be tough as they also get a bunch of feedback through forums, social media, and livestreams. Still, I'm sure people would use the feedback submission forms if they had an incentive to do that over another method. :D
Then again, community discussion can bring even better feedback sometimes.