Andrew Luck gets behind new Virtual Reality Software

The Indianapolis Colts quarterback returned to his alma mater in the offseason to test out a new virtual reality software created by former Stanford kicker Derek Belch. The software, called STRIVR, is made up of a large head set that plugs into your laptop. The program allows quarterbacks to simulate real-time situations in the pocket.

"It's real footage," Luck added. "Imagine you're standing in real practice footage. These are real players. It's not animated."

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SmokingMonkey1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

I cannot wait for the changes VR will bring to gaming.

Imagine playing Madden 17-18? from a FPV of the QB! You could technically play a specific position like QB while your online friends play other positions like RB or WR!

Then there's the other Football, or Futbol as I like to call it, or any other sport in VR FPV.

Hey, If you're Geno Smith you could practice dodging sucker punches from your teammates!!! Too Soon?

1161d ago