Time For The Old Gods To Die – Odallus: The Dark Call Review | GIZORAMA

Tim Allen, GIZORAMA - "While I’m generally not a fan of pigeon-holing games outside of things like genre and release platform, I think it’s safe to say we’re at a point now where if you’re making an intentionally ‘retro’-styled game, you can take one of a handful of approaches. You could make your game super referential, telling everyone how it’s “like x game, but in 8-bit!” while including tons of references, masquerading as jokes. You could make your game retro-styled, but with new twists and wrinkles in the gameplay and/or storytelling, thus appealing to the “old-school” crowd but bringing new-ish ideas to the fore (something like Braid or Fez). Or, if all you want to do is make a solid, fun game within the framework of other well-known titles without being too slavish to any one concept or genre, there’s plenty of room to work and make a respectable title using a combination of those methods. Odallus: The Dark Call falls squarely into that latter category and stands as a great example of making a retro-styled game without having to steal too obviously from 8-bit fan favorites."

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