Vote to Play Begins Thursday, Help Decide Next PS Plus Lineup

PSBlog: Today, we’re pleased to announce the games that will be part of Vote to Play — our special promotion that enables PlayStation Plus members to vote on one of three PlayStation 4 games for next month’s PS Plus game lineup

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Thatguy-3103267d ago

So we only get one choice from these? I really would love grow home but zombie Vikings looks like a lot of fun! Especially since it's coming from the creators of stick it to the man which was a great game.

MightyNoX3267d ago

One choice.
The others get a discount, though.

Thatguy-3103267d ago

That sounds pretty sweet then

BISHOP-BRASIL3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

The others will be free on PS+ down the road, you can hold me to that... Those are the same kind of indies we're getting already and we only get to choose one game, while Sony picks the other(s)... Well, they already picked what you can vote on, so obviously that's their idea of PS+ material.

This whole voting thing changed nothing so far (although I admit, it's just the first month, so I'm obviously running my mouth), indie on top fo indie seens to be what they'll be running PS4's IGC for now.

Kingthrash3603266d ago

Free indies=free games
I get frustrated every month about these kinds of complaints.
Indie or not just except the games they are giving away. AAA games will come when they come. For now just except the fact that these games are free for you to vote on and enjoy. Stop complaining over free sh**.

Ipunchbabiesforfun3266d ago

Except the games they're giving away? That's interesting logic...

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Palitera3267d ago

This means you're in a great position. One of your games will get a discount, at least.

To me, Grow Home is miles ahead of the others, despite having liked both Stick it to the Man and the idea of Zombie Vikings.

But Grow Home seems too magic to be avoided. I'll buy it day one if it does not come free.

Good voting everyone!

(on Grow Home :D )

raWfodog3267d ago

I think I'm going to vote for Grow Home too. I just watched some Youtube gameplay. Looks real imaginative and inventive. I know my kids will love it too since they love Minecraft and Roblox.

boing13266d ago

Yeah, I think I'll vote for Grow Home too.

Name Last Name3267d ago

Grow Home seems nice but its looks like it could be a short game. I will vote Armello because i've never tried a board game.

contradictory3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

i played it on PC when it came out and it was indeed pretty short..
played it through in one long-ish sitting because i'm insane.

i think i spend 6 hours on it.

Dirtnapstor3267d ago

Zombie Vikings will be a great game! The same developers did stick it to the man, which was another great game that should be added to everyone's library.

RiPPn3266d ago

I agree, Zombie Vikings looks like the funnest game of the 3 based upon their campaign videos. And I loved Stick it to the Man. Also in the campaign video it says over 10 hours of gameplay, so a pretty lengthy game to boot.

Everyone seems to like grow home, but the video did not do the game justice in my opinion. Looked like another Don't Starve to me and I didn't much care for that game. Though I will watch more videos on it before making my vote!

xSoulR3aper3266d ago

Seriously..? This is what Sony is offering? I am DONE!!! Xbox has better free games... Cmon Sony your starting to GRIND MY GEARS!

IamTylerDurden13266d ago

U do realize this is 1 of the 6 games we will be getting? U do realize PlayStation gets 2 more games than xbox.

God of War Ascension, Lara Croft Temple of Osiris, MGSV Ground Zeroes, Rocket League - pretty good recent games. PS Plus has always been better and still is imo.

There will obviously be bigger games, but they will choose the 1-2 AAA games we get as it isn't easy negotiating the big games. It would be too difficult to put 3 AAA games in the Vote-in section & have to work out 3 "potential" deals w/all 3.

We still get to choose 1 game which is awesome, it doesn't affect the quality of the other 5 free games, ppl are ridiculous to complain. The only difference is that we get to choose 1 of the games out of 3 choices, where as b4 it was some executive choosing. It gives more choice than we had.

Zombie Vikings looks awesome, that is a brand new and legit game.

poor_cus_of_games3266d ago

How can xbox have better free games when it's just giving games that were first available on the ps4 and ps3.

Arkardo3266d ago

This is just one of the games they will offer, the rest is up to them to decide, or maybe we will decide too?

cd13266d ago

You don't own a PS do you.

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IamTylerDurden13266d ago

Zombie Vikings ftw.

I think Zombie Vikings is the best choice considering it will be brand new and it's the only game w/real time combat.

Zombie Vikings is a hack n slash that can be played singleplayer or up to 4 player co op, local or online. It has a 10hr campaign, tons of weapons, boss fights, ruthless combat & humor. It's a legit game.

showtimefolks3266d ago

And we already have complainers. I mean this isite something new Sony is trying, I am sure with feedback offerings will get better

But instead people much rather hate. Watch how ms Will also follow this. Both Sony and ms push each and take notice of what the other is doing right or wrong

contradictory3266d ago

i come from a distant galaxy...
known as PC...

Grown Home is pretty great but somewhat short game.

UKmilitia3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

there is more than 1 game given,its just we get a choice of these 3 and then others added i think.

zombie vikngs for me,looks great fun and reminds me of castle crashers

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nX3267d ago

I complained about the August lineup but I've got to say, all of these games look like they're worth a try. All of them are new titles while the August games were already released before so I'm looking forward to seeing which of these games will be free :D
I think I'll vote for Grow Home but I'm not yet sure.

ZaWarudo3267d ago

I think Grow Home will have my vote. They all look fun though.

Relientk773267d ago

Definitely voting for Grow Home

gamefreaks3653267d ago

Grow Home looks really good. I'd like to try it on PS4.