PS4 version 3.00 release beta, for beta testing program participants

System software 3.00 beta version of the PS4 has been released to the participants for the beta testing program.

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Thatguy-3101164d ago

Still remember how much the psn changed throughout the ps3 life cycle. Can't wait to see what new features are introduced throughout the ps4's lifetime. The only thing I need now is folders to keep everything more organized. Other than that the UI is perfect

SmokingMonkey1164d ago

I agree, I have my PS3 in the bedroom. I feel that last gen-ness from it now, just like I felt about my PS2 after having the PS3 for awhile!

Folders is probably my most wanted feature, bit of a UI control freak, so it does bother me.

XBLSkull1163d ago

Yeah the UI needs an update, folders for sure, and the ability to take some stuff of the task bar, i got some app stuff in there that ill never touch and i would like to be able to just hide or remove it.

Utalkin2me1163d ago


If it's something you will never touch, then uninstall and wallah its gone from the taskbar.

XBLSkull1162d ago

Naw there is a bunch of junk i can't get rid of, PSNow, PS Music, PS Video, Playroom, Sharefactory... bunch of crap I will never use. Would love to uninstall/hide it, or at least throw it all into one folder.

PSIN4MANT1164d ago

Definitely wouldn't call it perfect.

Aloy-Boyfriend1164d ago

Not perfect but it does the job well

FACTUAL evidence1164d ago

Where's my Friend sign in/out notifications? Where's my account status for away/invisible. Can we please get some of the simple stuff out of the way in one big update? Should of had what i'm asking for at most in 2014....

By all means, the stuff added is always welcomed, but simple stuff we had on ps3 should of been on the console already. It is annoying to wonder if any of my friends ddcided to log on, and i jave to stop my game and go into a menu to see if he/she signed on yet, just to still see them offline.

Sony, please! You didn't fufil my psn id request 5 years ago, for the love of sake just give us back some key online feature we had on ps3. I don't want to get good stuff at the end of the ps4's life span just so the ps5 will not have some of the key online features ps4 have.
End rant-

scark921164d ago

I would say 90% of PSN wants to change their PSN ID xD

juggulator1164d ago

The sole deal-breaker is I can't use my Premium avatars(those of which I have paid for and used to be given for free for ps+) on ps4.This is exhausting and must change. Either that or give away better avatars. Custom themes or the ability to save a share photo as a background are screaming my name as well. #go->do->it

trenso11164d ago

my only gripe is the psn store the old one works so much better and is less of hassle to find things. Also it is incredibly slow on the ps3 while the old store isnt. And you can still sorta use the old store if you go into transaction management.

showtimefolks1163d ago

Folders for less of a layout mess

External hard drive support, ps3 allowed us to watch videos etc,,, from our hard drive.

For all you wanting to change your psn name give people one time change. Tell people it's a one time thing only so no more excuse on how I didn't think long and hard before I decided on the name. It shouldn't be free also

Better UI

lxeasy1163d ago

Definitely NOT perfect, not even close...

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TwoForce1164d ago

Come on, Sony ! We are waiting for ya.

Father__Merrin1164d ago

I prefer xmb but they can make changes tbh. If it was me I would simplify it completely.

Ie when you go into TV tab it's too much fuffling about just to get to YouTube app. There should be a pin to xmb option. I also want tiles to be smaller there's no point how it is currently

subtenko1164d ago

Windows isnt the only thing to having a pinning feature ya kno.....

JMaine5181164d ago

Sounds weak. I hope there's more.