Hearthstone makes $20 million a month — that’s more than Dota 2

Blizzard’s digital card game, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, makes $20 million a month, according to research firm SuperData that now finds such games are their own business category

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Takwin1164d ago

It is probably already like fourth or fifth most played game ever in my life.

Behind World of Warcraft (a shameful amount of time over 6 years), Skyrim, and Mario Kart.

Hearthstone is the most accessible card game ever made. It is polished to the extreme. And it is SUPER fun.

People that say it is "pay to win" are idiots without exception. You (yes YOU!) can get to rank 10 EASILY with super cheap decks. With some skill, multiple people have shown how to get to legend with "budget decks."

I absolutely love this game and can foresee myself playing it for many years to come. It is a fabulous game on the iPad while watching TV or on the phone on the go or on the PC for long sessions - whatever your poison.

Truthandreason1164d ago

lol, so it's not p2w if its cheap? Buying "Super cheap" cards is still p2w, unlike DOTA were all money is generated by cosmetics. And I'll guarantee you it's not "super cheap" over time. The only reason they have a cheap option is so people are constantly buying the RNG cards and people obviously do.

ColManischewitz1162d ago

I play 10-30 matches a day. I play this and SolForge more than any other game most days.

3-4-51164d ago

It looks awesome for a card game but I tried it and couldn't get into it. These game types aren't for me I guess, but it does look well made.

midnightambler1164d ago

That's kind of nuts. I enjoy the game, but I've never spent a cent on it.

fermcr1164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

I've never played this game...

Is it similar to the cards game we play on Witcher 3?

stloony1164d ago

No, not really. It's sort of its own thing pulling from other card games but then taking full advantage of it being a digital game.

The game is free and gives you more than enough to know if you are going to like it. If you do, then I suggest spending some cash on some card packs or just doing the daily quests and spending your time in the arena.

The game is a blast to play.

Deathdeliverer1164d ago

It's like magic the gathering with less card statuses.(flying,artifact,vamp ire,etc.)

Perjoss1164d ago

One cool thing about HS is the humour or joke RNG cards, like 'this card has a 50% chance to hit the wrong target'. This and the fact that you have no idea which card you will draw next make it really fun to play and to watch others play too.

Simco8761164d ago

I was an early HS adopter, and haven't played it in AWHILE. I can understand the addiction the game has, but after a time it just wains. Even with added quests and things, just gets stale. Maybe because I can't stick with something for that long. Too many other games to spend my time on. IMO

nX1164d ago

Same here, started a long time ago but thought it was way to simple... don't know whether I should try it again, my smartphone gaming time is fully invested in DBZ Dokkan Battle at the moment :D

Flipgeneral1164d ago

I quit just before Naxx came out and picked it up again.

There's a lot more variety now which is what the game lacked upon launch. With another expa releasing this month adding 130(?) cards.

Give it another shot, I think you'll be surprised

PlayableGamez1164d ago

Activision makes it rain...

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