Everybody's Gone to the Rapture Has A Sprint Button After All

The PlayStation 4 Exclusive EVERYBODY’S GONE TO THE RAPTURE released today to generally favorable reviews, but with one glaring problem: the lack of any sprint button. Well, its looks like there has been a sprint button all along, the developers, The Chinese Room, just forgot to tell us about it.

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joab7771168d ago

Mayne they wanted us to figure it out. Maybe they wanted us to take our time and explore a bit.

coolbeans1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

Yet another instance of pointing out the incompetence of certain game critics (looking at you, GameFailers).

ajax171168d ago

Shame about GT. It used to be a decent site years ago

coolbeans1167d ago

Well...okay I can kind of concede to that point in regards to their excellent site design around their inception + amount of extra exclusive content by them. But looking back through their reviews dating all the way to there, I have doubt, no... 99% certainty that they were a big offender in game ads fueling puffing up some of their review scores of big games.

ajax171168d ago

Looks like IGN should adjust their score

Bathyj1168d ago

Interesting Point. Docking a score for omitting a feature thats actually in the game. I give their review a 7.

Knuckle Duster1168d ago

Let's be honest.... It's more like a brisk walk.