Be Warned: PSN Maintenance Is Scheduled For Next Week

While no one looks forward to PSN maintenance, it's unavoidable. And next week, PSN maintenance is coming soon to a PS4 near you.

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Mega241256d ago

As long as they fix the awful download speeds... it took me 4 days to download Driveclub PS+ Edition... I downloaded BF4 on Origin in 4 hours, with all DLC's, Sony should be ashamed.

xHeavYx1256d ago

4 days? That may be something with your internet connection to the PS4. I only have 10 MB and it downloaded pretty quickly.

Mega241256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

It's not my internet, nor any of my friends internet. It's always like this. BF4's spring patch on PS4 took us like 8 hours to download. PSN is so slow that a 84MB download takes 28 minutes, and it's on LAN not wifi.

While my steam, origin, and GoG are at regular speeds, downloading 1GB every 10 minutes. It's a PSN issue.

My speeds -

freshslicepizza1256d ago

is sony the only one that has these maintenance downtimes? seems to happen quite often, at least once a a month.

akurtz1256d ago

Its your internet. My download took no more than 2 hours

YourGreatUncle1256d ago

4 days? I find that very hard to believe. I downloaded it in less than an hour through wifi.

deadpoolio3161256d ago

Bull either you A don't own a PS4 or B have garbage Wal-Mart internet at your moms house....It without a doubt is NOT PSN, I just bought the actual retail version of driveclub 2 days ago and downloaded it in about 5 minutes.....

Im so tired of you people with no lives that have nothing better to do then make crap up....

PROTIP: (Lets pretend your story is believable) When your using your mother's wireless internet, EVERY person connected to it drags down the connection, and networking 101 in a network the wired connections will ALWAYS get the bandwidth they require before the wireless connection

Mega241256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

First of all, nice way of stereotyping people/fanboys, I see you yourself are a flying fanboy of the sony camp. Second of all, learn to use new insults, the "mommy bought you things" is getting old for you fanboys to keep using it.

My internet is the most reliable internet, beating comcast itself in the mainland. It's nothing to do with my ISP, or my friends ISP (which is a different one from mine). I'm the only person using my own internet...

Oh and here, to shut your mouth - That's a day One PS4 bought with my hard earned $434.

Don't open your mouth to talk about things you don't know kid.

KwietStorm1256d ago

Then it's something in your area, and you may want to bring it to their attention.

Mega241256d ago

It's not just my area, just go to the PS forums, there are thousands of people complaining from multiple states/countries. You'll find lots of people complaining, this all started around 2.51.

BitbyDeath1256d ago

Yea, is likely Sonys servers in your area that are being hit by more people than it can handle which results in your slow downloads.

Sony does need to address the issue for those that have it.

KwietStorm1256d ago

When I say your area, I mean the PSN connection in your area, or that person's area, or that state over there. People love to complain, but they rarely speak to the right party, just like how people get into betas just to play early, and then complain to everyone but the developer about how something is broken. My PSN speed is more or less what my ISP is, 60/30.

If this is an issue you experience consistently, then speak to the right people and harrass them until you are acknowledged and satisfied.

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Immorals1256d ago

I work in catering, so I get mostly weekdays off, there's nothing more annoying than having downtime on your much needed day off!

Hopefully Sony reaches the level of PS+ subscribers to consider sorting this out soon!

donthate1256d ago

Sony has way more number of PS+ subscribers to do maintenance on live servers. Sony Playstation division profits are fueling other divisions.

I think it must be a combination of lack of skills in this area and resources available to them or something. In this day and age, taking down servers to do maintenance on such a big network is unheard of!

This is what you used to do when you didn't have a cloud which is what was created to combat exactly this sort of things.

Doesn't give you much confidence that is for sure. Combined this with the hacked PSN in 2011 that lost 77 million subscribers information and it isn't looking good.

I hope Sony will fix it, but I'm not holding my breath.

keki1256d ago

i think they doing this for black ops 3 beta lol..

Iluvtrim1256d ago

Yeah u know y. They only have one server farm. Lol

deadpoolio3161256d ago

And your point? Not that they actually do anyway...BTW those 300,000 servers you Xbots like to pretend are for XBL, are in reality for ALL Microsoft products. In no universe does XBL actually have 300,000 servers, its safe to bet also since Azure has business applications the majority of those servers are used for companies that pay for Azure services

KwietStorm1256d ago

Be warned. Are our lives in danger or something?

Kowsky1256d ago

Lol nah, but a lot of people rage when they turn on their PS4s and there's some unexpected reason why they can't play their games or use other functions

so just giving a heads up