The Playstation has one major drawback where Xbox crushes it

What's not so excellent about the PlayStation 4 is its gamepad, the DualShock 4. In terms of how it's used in games, it's great – the feel of the controller is spot-on. What's not so great is the technical stuff: the battery is atrocious, and the build quality is similarly lackluster. In those respects, the Xbox One controller has Sony's completely beaten.

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SaveFerris1163d ago

I thought that Sony solved the problem with the thumbsticks or is that not the case?

Bennibop1163d ago

They did it was problem with rubber shipped on pads at launch.

SaveFerris1163d ago

Okay. Bubs+ for the answer.

KUV19771163d ago

I bought my second controller over half a year after release. Same problem still. I only recently bought an XBox and always shared the opinion that batteries are way too old school, but damn... compared to my PS4-controllers they lasted forever... like seriously. I played and finished Ryse, Forza Horizon Fast and Furious, some Halo and only when I started Forza Horizon 2 the controller was out of juice. The PS4-controllers have to be charged every freakin' day.

I still like the PS4-controller more but that battery life...

OB1Biker1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

I ve always felt the thumbs sticks not very comfortable for my thumbs and put grips on them. Its a lot better and makes the wear a non issue anyway.
The battery is indeed short but again its a non issue with 2 controllers (most people should have anyway) and phone chargers ; I just plug them in next to me if needed.
Every thing else is great, the speaker is awesome with games using it well, same thing for the light bar.
Also the track pad is great and can be used in many different ways for games, I find it very useful to easily type in the browser (one of the main reasons I prefer the browser instead of apps).
Sure the quality could be better but I havent had any problem and its truly a new gen controller IMO

u4one1161d ago

well... I'm on my 3rd ds4.

wsoutlaw871161d ago

my launch ds4 thumb pads lasted maybe a month, but my 2nd ds4 has lasted months with no signs of wear.

dantesparda1160d ago

Wow, you gotta love N4G, the mods just knocked down like 50 comments cuz they didnt like what they said. But yeah the controller that came with the system wore out and ripped on me in 6 days. But the controller i got from Sony 11 months after the system came out, which is like 10 months old now, shows no signs of wearing. So they definitely made it better.

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FlexLuger1163d ago

Controllers are like a pair of jeans. You play with what make you most comfortable. I like the DS4's grips. but I hate the triggers and the position of the left stick. I just cant play FPS/TPS games comfortably with my left stick positioned where my D-pad should be. I also prefer the XB1s nintendo style D-pad. Cant beat the classic cross d-pad.

I hate that the XB1 pad does not come with rechargable battery but, I like that it is not permanently attached to my controller. No need for my pad to get thrown out just because the battery dont charge anymore. I just buy a new battery.

Overall..I prefer the feel of the XB1 pad in my hands. I am reminded of how much better it is my X360 pads, every time I use it on my X360 or PC. Its also quite a looker in its special editions. I have the titanfall, COD:AW, midnight forces and covert ops controllers. I have the forza and halo 5 locke edition controllers on pre order from game. I probably wont use them when I get my elite pad in november. But they will look nice in my little gamer cave.

I cant wait for the elite controller. I dont think any controller this gen will top that one.

wsoutlaw871161d ago

"No need for my pad to get thrown out just because the battery dont charge anymore. I just buy a new battery." you serious?

FlexLuger1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

Yeah...I can see johnny casual feeling REAL comfortable with opening up their DS4..... Harly as simple as lifting the lid off the back of your controller is it?

I would be ok with that, but I know, most casuals would just go and buy a new DS4.

StrayaKNT1163d ago

This is the exact reason why I play all my multiplats on xbox. I love the controller so much more and when going to anything else other than the Xbox controller, it just doesn't feel good it feels weird especially having both thumbs right next to eachother, so awkward for me.

OB1Biker1163d ago

lol I feel the opposite altogether. Its fair that every one have their preferences.
Its actually a good reason why many choose xbox or PS4 because they feel more comfortable with one or the other controllers.

StrayaKNT1163d ago

Exactly I respect your opinion and you respect mine, no need to start a war about it. Obviously you're going to want to play more with the controller you prefer and that's it.

Perjoss1161d ago

"lol I feel the opposite altogether."

Yeah me too, the shoulder buttons on the XB1 pad feel so badly placed and the face buttons feel so clunky, and its not even a fanboy thing as I really liked the 360 controller. DS4 doesn't have as good rumble as the XB1 controller imo but overall its a far better controller. The touchpad and built in speaker are really nice touches.