Xbox One Backwards Compatibility for Xbox 360 DLC Should Work "As Expected"

The Xbox One backwards compatibility feature coming this fall will span not just Xbox 360 games, but also downloadable content if publishers allow it. Now, Microsoft's top Xbox boss, Phil Spencer, has spoken out to say the company is currently formulating a "clear description" for how DLC will be handled.

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FoxyGotGame1190d ago

DLC too! That's Impressive.

Septic1190d ago

That is pretty damn impressive.

I played coop Perfect Dark with a mate. Was shocked by how well it worked. The 360 UI pops up and its a complete mind**** lol.

Volkama1190d ago

I was shocked by how badly it runs. I think it is authentic and always chugged on the 360 as well, but it was quite horrible to play.

BC is proving to be a bigger feature than I expected when they announced it though. All the pre-order give aways, EA Access, Games with Gold and such are making it really relevant.

Terror2k151190d ago

can someone please invite me to the preview program?

donthate1190d ago

I just kicked RAAM's @ss last night on insane in Gears of War. The game is holding really well and it played really well on my Xbox One.

Getting all the DLC would be just awesome!

Rookie_Monster1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

Of course it should work as expected. Can't wait to play all 5 of my Fallout 3 DLC again. This sure beats the heck out of current remasters where I can't carry my DLC, saves, achievements/trophies with me.

This is how BC should be done. Great that Phil is assuring us in these daily twitter posts.

carmelo431190d ago

And what remastered xbox one games are you referring too?

Rookie_Monster1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

Basically all of them. Are there any BC games that I can carry my saves, my already paid DLCS, and Achievements over that you know off?

If you are referring to Halo MCC or Gears 1, then that is true also but MS gave us the option to choose between the amazing value of these HD remasters with multiple games included and totally new textures and cinematic built from the grounds up on XB1 or they let players choose the original xbox BC games in which they can do and carry all the things I had just mentioned. So there you go. Option is a nice thing when it is available. Can't say that about other platforms but I was only referring to XB1, of course.

donthate1190d ago


The Xbox One "remasters" from MS, is a true remaster with proper upgrades in textures, sound, animation, and a host of other improvements.

Compare that to Sony first-party remasters whom has a 1080p/60fps bump and sell.

They are really more aptly named "ports" and not a remaster.

343_Guilty_Spark1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

I do hope they bring the emulator over to Windows 10.; but I'm thoroughly enjoying it one my Xbox One.

Smitty20201190d ago

What games are backward? Or is it most

Wikkid6661190d ago

Testing a small list of titles right now. Going to have over 100 titles at launch time this fall.

Rookie_Monster1190d ago

All first party games were comfirmed will be BC except Kinect titles. Every major publishers have signed on to provide BC titles except Activision thus far and is up to them to just say "yes" and no work is needed from them. 100 plus x360 games will be BC starting November this year and each month we will see more and more games added.

B1uBurneR1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

No that's not damn impressive that's damn well expected!

Next thing I expect is for them to pass along 360 UI updates and game patches.

Volkama1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

"Expected" is exactly what he said. It's right there in the article title and the tweet.

Are you feeling OK?

Terror2k151190d ago

can someone please invite me to the xbox preview program?

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