How the Tomb Raider Reboot Saved the Franchise

Re-boots are not always as successful as planned, many just seal the fate of a dying series. The trick is to keep old fans happy but ensure it has enough differences that it isn’t just the same game. DMC failed to have an effective reboot not due to being a bad game, but because many fans boycotted it as they had ‘destroyed’ Dante. Tomb Raider itself had tried to reboot the series when Crystal Dynamics first took over the franchise, though their attempt was short lived. The games were fairly well received, it just wasn’t enough to return Lara Croft to the heights of popularity. The sequel to the initial reboot is set to hit Xbox’s November this year, with releases for PlayStation and PC next year, there’s even talk of a third title. So how come the game was so well received?

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Fro_xoxo1216d ago

It actually did.. Lara was becoming obsolete prior to this reboot.
She needed to be fresh again, with a little bit of help of coarse.
She's evolved.

Now, she's back in the spotlight hanging with the big boys like Marcus Fenix and the Master Chief

raWfodog1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

Yeah, a reboot is usually meant to give a fresh take on a classic story and I believe it did just that. I see some people did not like it but I enjoyed it (just recently finished it). It was an origin story basically meant to show how she became so interested in uncovering ancient mysteries. It seemed natural that her focus was on saving her friends and not necessarily exploring tombs. With 'Rise of the Tomb Raider' it seems that they will now be focusing on Lara exploring tombs and ruins while still battling enemies.

-Foxtrot1216d ago

Yeah at a massive cost. The games own identity.

Sonyslave31216d ago

Did you see the new video she exploring Tombs and ancient burials like u guyz were crying for so what now.

-Foxtrot1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

So? They showed tombs in gameplay videos before they released the first game, along with quotes saying they were sticking to the games roots.

In the end they we're just optional missions with very easy puzzles which required no thought.

You have that one small video of a tomb compared to everything else they've showed since it's reveal which is like the first game.

Over the top explosions, shootouts, QTE, slaughtering enemies like Rambo.

It hardly equals everything out.

Why do people enjoy seeing franchises turn into something completely different.

No one is complaining about the quality or saying it's a bad looking game, people would rather just see this kind of stuff in a new IP.

starchild1216d ago

Because "completely different" is just a load of BS. The game is still about platforming, combat, puzzles, adventure and exploration, with a strong female protagonist, just as it has always been.

The fact that the exact proportions of those elements may change from game to game in the series is not a bad thing. Nor can it be construed as resulting in a "completely different" game by any stretch of the imagination.

thisismyaccount1215d ago

Did you also follow tweets, "previews" of germans magazine and others, stating that some of those are 3min short?

One of the caves "open for exploration" during GC, was apparently 3min short ... what an enigma.

Foxtror is right, they made a pact with the devil. Sold their soul for success;

I might be under the false impression, but didnt SquarEnix sell that many copies (8+mill) due them remastering the original game and countless new versions GOTY, Definitive Edition and such? You know like what Capcom did with Street Fighter 4

- Street Fighter 4
- Street Fighter 4 Alpha
- Street Fighter 4 Aplha Turbo Edition
- Street Fighter 4 Mega Turbo Alpha
- and many more iterations.

Septic1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

I'm kind of confused by what you want from this?

A return to triangle breasts? Hehe

I think nostalgia has made some people forget how the TR formula of old was getting stale at the end of its lifeline hence why it needed saving in the first place.

"In the end they we're just optional missions with very easy puzzles which required no thought. "

Many TR puzzles were actually kind of cack. They would not age so well today.

"No one is complaining about the quality or saying it's a bad looking game, people would rather just see this kind of stuff in a new IP."

I think a lot of people like what TR is looking like now. My first ever PS game was Tomb Raider 1 and I bought TR2 on day one but whilst I do want some meaningful exploration and puzzles, I don't think the new approach and these puzzles/exploration are mutually exclusive.

What specifically do you want in a TR game? Can you give specific examples of stuff you want to see?

SaveFerris1216d ago

I agree. Tomb Raider, for better or worse, had to evolve. Not every one will like it, but many people have enjoyed it, including new fans to the franchise.

-Foxtrot1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

I want to see it set in a huge ancient tomb full of lots of platforming gameplay while avoiding traps and hazardous environments. Each step you take will be into the unknown as you don't know what lies ahead or what you'll set off.

Even when you are hurt you'll have to gather old med kits from fallen adventurous and if they are too old they wont heal you as much.

Enemies would focus on the hostile wildlife and supernatural creatures which guard the place.

Basically take the old games and actually evolve them correctly.

I would go into more detail but im on my phone and cant type much.

Thank you for asking what I would like to see instead of trying to turn it into a fanboy thing because its on Xbox when that's not the case.

I said the same for the first game but I always gave it the benefit of the doubt as I thought theyd stick to it's roots more in the sequel. Clearly they haven't

Lolyta1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

basically what Fox says , the reboot miss these elements big time and i haven't seen a single element that relates to the old games and i totally miss that , its just shows platforming in the uncharted way just action over the top and less of this :

Edit : even the music , we no longer hear the same theme in the reboot :(

-Foxtrot1216d ago


Those gifs sum up Tomb Raider quite nicely. That's what it should be like...that's more about survival then what they are doing now


Showing a picture of Lara raiding a museum saying raiding Tombs isn't all she does.

She's basically raiding a museum for things which would have been in a tomb

Besides even raiding a museum is better then what the reboot gives us because at least she's raiding something. I would understand if the reboot had something like that but it doesn't.

Imalwaysright1216d ago

@ Fox

What I'm trying to say is that TR has never been just about raiding tombs. A museum is NOT a tomb.

^^ Does it look like a tomb to you?

Or maybe this?





And believe me, I could go on. Like I told you before, TR is a combination of various elements and gameplay mechanics that TR 2013 and Rise of TR also feature from stealth to hand to hand combat and the obvious platforming and climbing, puzzle solving, shooting animals and people, exploration... I honestly don't understand how a self proclaimed TR fan doesn't see that and claims that TR lost its identity.

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starchild1216d ago

Lame. You're trying too hard, Foxtrot. It honestly seems like you've never played a Tomb Raider game in your life.

I've seen a clear evolution from game to game in the series. It's true that the Tomb Raider reboot saw the biggest jump towards a more modern approach in presentation and mechanics, but the series needed it. That's the whole point of a reboot.

-Foxtrot1216d ago

Oh come off it, dont do the "you've never played ot" card as some form of "counter argument"

I wouldn't be bothered if I wasn't a huge fan

Honestly man, I hate when people say that kind of crap. It usuallu means they've got nothing else to say

Least Septic above was reasonable and asked me what I want to see

Imalwaysright1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

I think he only played the 1st one and even then, TR 2013 still maintains the elements that TR1 set as standard for all 3D TPS action adventure games in 1996. How he can't see see that, if he indeed played previous TR games is beyond me.

deadpoolio3161216d ago

If by clear evolution to the series you mean to be more like Uncharted in almost every way....

Funny though the Tomb Raider fans used to cry about Uncharted ripping off TR, and yet now TR is going out of its way to be like Uncharted

Mr Pumblechook1216d ago

In all seriousness I think Uncharted saved this franchise.

Septic1216d ago

Hehe it did in a way. Although Uncharted was the spiritual successor to Tomb Raider.

BG115791216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

Insightful and cynical, but also totally correct, can't disagree with that.

Imalwaysright1216d ago

Uncharted was an evolution of what was previously made in TR.

miyamoto1216d ago

I noticed so many "needs saving articles" here on N4G lately. Xbox One will be saved by a slim version, Nintendo needs saving by the fans, Tomb Raider etc.

What's goin on?

Is this the PlaySaviour 4's destiny- to be video game industry's champion and saviour of its time?

TR is gonna be okay. Thanks to the popularity of Uncharted and ACreed, the action adventure shooter platformer is bigger than ever before to ROTTRaider's benefit.

And gamers here should should stop the Uncharted was influenced by TR misinformation.

Uncharted is an evolution of Sonuc the Hedgehog 2, Crash Bandicoot (code named: Sonic's Ass), Jak and Daxter, ICO and SOTC as Naughty Dog has stated many times now.
Combine them all together and you have Uncharted.

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green1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

The reboot sold millions of copies and a the sequel is highly anticipated by millions. Personally as a Tomb Raider fan since the very first one during the PS era, i like the direction of the series.

If you do not like the direction of the reboot then do not buy or play the game. But at the sametime, stop winning and stay out of Tomb Raider articles.

I also agree with @starchild because from comments you have made in the past, i have come to the conclusion that either you have never played previous Tomb Raider games, or at most, your exposure to them is very limited because if you have played them, you will not be spitting out the nonsense that you say in every Tomb Raider article.

ninsigma1216d ago

I would agree with you if the previous game was a sequal, but it's not. They rebooted the series so they could do whatever they wanted with it. You may not like it but it reinvigorated interest in the franchise.

Kyosuke_Sanada1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

I think the problem was the massive amounts of bugs and glitches which killed the franchise more than its formula of exploration. Quality testing want way out the door after the Playstation One collection. I was just happy the latest title gave it the budget and attention to detail it deserved. Plus the update in combat was also nice but I am not fan of the exp system and regenerating health.

I hope the newest one has an option to play the game bare bones with medikits.

bananaboats1216d ago

You do nothing but complain about this game. Get over yourself and realize this is a masterpiece of a game.

-Foxtrot1216d ago



Guy complains at someone elses opinion and yet says something like "it's a masterpiece"

So basically you cant have your opinion if its different to mine.


miyamoto1216d ago

They saved TR by letting Lara sneak into some of Nathan Drake's notes during their date after Among Thieves.

Oh, what a date!
Oh and that long delay was thanks to The Last of Us.

EDKICK1216d ago

@-Foxtrot The issue with this opinion of it changing/ruining the franchise is like others have said TR was obsolete, I'll go further tho it was irrelevant, the games weren't good anymore. TR 2012 reminded me of Rise of The Planet Of The Apes(stay with me) was Apes the best movie? no,but considering the previous movie/s it did a fantastic job setting the series on a great new path and it was way better than it had any right to be and better than anyone expected. TR was the same way could it cut out the QTE's, tone down the action a bit, sure. But when people heard TR was getting rebooted how well was anyone expected things to turn out, and it's probably the best thing to ever happen to TR. If Uncharted was a modern interpretation of TR why then would TR not be similar to Uncharted? I'm not going to call you stupid or say you didn't play the game,but I think nostalgia is really keeping you from seeing that just my opinion tho. Is this not the best you expected from a reboot?

-Foxtrot1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

If you actually believe this game couldnt evolve into something which ressembled the old games then you must lack creativity

I could come up with an entire plot, setting, tone, enemies and gameplay to evolve it properly so it wouldn't be obsolete

You and others think what they've done was the ONLY path they could have taken

EDKICK1216d ago

@-Foxtrot I don't think it's a lack of creativity so much as it's being realistic about how good reboots usually end up. I agree with some of your opinions on what the game could be I just think your holding the old games in too high regards. I think it could be a more hardcore stealth,survival game with more exploration with less of an emphasis on QTE's and shooting. But it did a lot right, it had great production value, a good story, good animations, good voice acting, good atmosphere, and metroidvania world worked well. All in all a successful reboot in my opinion.

lizard812881216d ago

I thought TR:A was great. I wish that they would do that to TR2. They would update the graphics and gameplay a bit, but keep what we love about the game.

freshslicepizza1216d ago

foxtrot you are way too absorbed into nostalgia and lets not pretend that older tomb raider games had lots of gunplay in them.

a lot of people say it's become a lot like uncharted and my answer to that is so what? you cannot continue to think 20 years ago. you have to adapt to the times and gamers by and large like more action oriented games like uncharted now. tomb raider still encompasses the single player lone wolf type game. it is still about exploration. it's not called tomb raider 6 for a reason. it is a reboot and with reboots come fresh ideas. the old games were getting stale and downright silly so you have to give credit where credit is due and how they managed to get tomb raider popular again.

WellyUK1215d ago

it's called change... most halo fans can't seem to take it either.

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1216d ago
fiveby91216d ago

I wonder if this were a not a timed exclusive, this game would not necessarily be getting such frequent 'press' coverage. MS is marketing this game heavily directly and indirectly. Building the hype so it appears to be an even match with Uncharted. Perhaps it'll be a great game. We will see. I am fortunate to have PS4, X1, and PC. So for me come November it's Fallout 4 on PC. I'll probably wait for the PS4 version of this game next year and opt for the Nathan Drake Collection in the interim. Just don't feel the pull of this game to get it first for my X1 when other titles out this fall have my attention.

Spectre_StatusN71216d ago

You are not alone, I couldn't imagine getting this game Nov. 10th even if it was releasing on PS4 because of Fallout 4. Microsoft or Square should really change the date to avoid disappointing sales

medman1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

@fiveby9 & spectrestatusN7
I'm in the same boat. I'll be picking up MGSV, and wanting to get Mad Max too, even though it's on the same day. Then Fallout will suck up all my single player gaming time from the day it launches til I'm sure next spring (at least til next spring)...AND Star Wars battlefront will consume me in multiplayer the very next week!!

I have a ps4, ps3, 360, and pc...I know Lara's available on 360, but I would never go that route, I would rather wait and play the definitive version...and even though I loved the Tomb Raider reboot, if the game had been a ps4 timed exclusive this fall I think I would have skipped it, probably until the spring. And if Uncharted 4 launches in the spring of 2016, then Lara would have been pushed farther back than that. Tough gaming choices this many quality titles.

Sonyslave31216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

If this wasn't a time exclusive it would still be getting hype like all the other 3rd party games like Destiny,BF4, Call of Duty, Batman Arkham Knight, Witcher 3 and Fall out 4 but you right it only getting hype because it time exclusive not because it doesn't look good.

Who wouldn't get hype for this

fiveby91216d ago

Well I think the title would still get some marketing hype from Square to be sure. I just think it gets more prominence than it would have otherwise due to MS timed exclusivity. MS admittedly had no exclusive answer to Uncharted so they really felt the need to acquire some sort of exclusivity even if just for a year. I'll just be curious if this lives up to the billing. It may be a bit overshadowed on launch day is all.

zsquaresoff1216d ago

Lara can thank popularity of Nathan drake for the inspiration.

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