Phil Spencer would like to see Third-Parties pick up cloud computing for games

Phil Spencer like to see 3rd parties pick up the tech as well. Innovation moves more quickly as more games push what's possible.

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Sonyslave31164d ago

I hope 3rd party don't hold the xbox one back

TheGreatGamer1163d ago

Remember that 'no parity' hashtag that was going around earlier on this gen? I want that back because I don't want Xbox One versions held back if they could be made better in the cloud

bleedsoe9mm1163d ago

once people play a game where the city is completely destructible there will be no going back , if your game doesn't have it it will feel last gen and very old .

MasterCornholio1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

Sounds like games would have to be exclusive to Xbox One in order for that to happen.

I can't imagine 3rd party's making two versions of game. One using the cloud and one without it. You can't just have one version with a fully destructable city while the others don't.

Anyways we have to wait and see what 3rd party's do with this.

joeorc1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

Who's stopping them?
Does Microsoft has its own 1st party?
Does Microsoft have its largest server park in existence?
Is the Xbox one selling faster than the xbox360 was?

Again what's holding 3rd parties from Adopting Microsoft's fantastic cloud compute..

Just like last generation also, Sony was holding Microsoft's console back because it was poorly designed for "gaming"

Godmars2901163d ago

What's stopping 3rd parties from using the cloud?

- The Ps4 is selling better.
- For all the benefits cloud distribution represents, it still adds a layer to the development process.
- What does it really add but improved particle effects? Frees up assets for other things like graphics, but does not improve graphics overall.
- Anything that uses it will have to be online only.

triple_c1163d ago

If the Xbox One is really capable of this then 3rd parties should take advantage of this. I would hate for the Xbox One to hold back the PS4 so the same rule should apply in vice versa. It's only fair.

kneon1163d ago


I'm all for realistic destruction, but what we usually get in games is just moronic. Small arms fire won't take down a building and you can't hack through a door/fence/wall with a couple of whacks of a knife.

curtis921163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

Believe it or not.. but I don't need a whole city to be destructible. destruction and physics can be awesome! But in no way do they directly correlate with how good a game is or isn't. Besides, a few hours of blowing up buildings and you'll be done with it. but will you have a good game left to enjoy after the destruction?

The cloud is impressive and the tech works... that doesn't automatically equal a good game. So far crackdown 3 is nothing more than a tech demo at best. But then again the first one was just a trojan horse for halo 3 beta and the 2nd one did poorly in sales as far as 1st party exclusives go.

Lamboomington1163d ago

"What does it really add but improved particle effects? Frees up assets for other things like graphics, but does not improve graphics overall."

Whaaa ?
100% destruction of incredibly complex structures with amazing detail and persistence. That is not just 'particle effects'. Every one of those pieces is physical and real within the game world.

Agree with the rest of your points though.

Ezz20131163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )


I'm with you
"No Parity" should be in full effect
developers use ps4 for it full power and don't hold Ps4 back in graphics or effects to make both consoles look equal when they are clearly not.

and you can have the Cloud in Online only.

See...everyone wins :)

Edit: @gangsta_red

But it's not just "Slight" edge in Res
I don't get how 1080p vs 900p or 720p is just "Slight" edge lol

Also it's not just Res
I mean in overrall graphics and is not just Res.

The tech they showed for the cloud didn't show any other featuers or better AI ...just i don't know what you are talking about

Also, even if they bring Cloud to Ps4..i still would not care for it since i only play single player and never play online on consoles.

gangsta_red1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )


"developers use ps4 for it full power and don't hold Ps4 back in graphics or effects"

Hasn't that already been happening? And even then the comparisons in games are minimal.

If you want the "no parity" for your PS4 just to have a slight edge in resolution then I guess that's your business. But to have more features, better AI and anything else that could effect actual gameplay for the better sounds a whole lot more appealing to me as a gamer.

donthate1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

Truth of the matter is in a twist of irony, the PS4 will hold back the Xbox One.

First party (extending to second party) will take advantage of this. Third party will only implement this if it can be licensed from someone else. That is at least a 3-4 years from now and we already in a new console cycle by then.

This is likely to be Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive this generation.


It is s a slight resolution advantage that is barely beneficial. In fact, even PC gamers only roughly 30% of them use 1080p. Put the games side by side and people can barely tell. The only reason they care is because it is a number they can latch onto. Heck, in some instances the frame rate is more stable on the lower resolution which has a bigger payoff. The resolution debate has actually hurt the PS4 gaming experience, because 1080p is a selling point with minimal advantages.

But Xbox Live Cloud Compute, anyone can see the major difference it makes. We already saw how rock solid Titanfall's reliance on the cloud made the multiplayer game amazingly fast online. This is the next step, and the step after that is going beyond just physics but aiding in rendering techniques that aren't frame sensitive.

Genuine-User1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

You continuously showcase a complete lack of objectivity.

The hashtag demanded no-parity because there's a significant real world hardware difference.

Cloud compute is irrelevant in this particular matter. We have not seen how it'll perform when 100.000+ gamers hit those servers.

gangsta_red1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )


"I don't get how 1080p vs 900p or 720p is just "Slight" edge lol"

When you and others are patiently waiting for Digital Foundry to compare (and tell you) each version side by side and all the comments that follow are the clouds seem brighter, the rocks have smoother edges then yes, it's slight a edge.

"I mean in overrall graphics and is not just Res."

And there hasn't been any if at all differences in graphics or effects, so exactly what are you talking about or expecting? There hasn't been any indication that the graphics or effects in any 3rd party game were compromised just because it also appeared on Xbox One.

"The tech they showed for the cloud didn't show any other featuers or better AI ...just i don't know what you are talking about"

How about you read other articles regarding this tech and what it could possibly do then maybe you'll have a better understanding of what it can do. This way maybe you would like to see this in more games instead of trying to get my PSN gamertag.

"i still would not care for it since i only play single player and never play online on consoles."

Somehow I doubt that but what if they could bring better physics, better AI or anything else to a SP game that would require you being online. Or do you also shut off your ethernet cable when playing your SP games on your PS4?

Ezz20131163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )


Lol, i don't need DF to tell me what i can see with my own eyes...they just confirm what i see as well
and of course you think the edge is "slight"...i'm not really shocked that you of all people say say that.

And i read the articles..but i have yet to see any thing in action
no any better AI or better features other than destruction in Crackdown unless you have something to prove that the cloud indeed offer better AI or the other features you are talking about ...then you have nothing to talk about.
and yes, i shut off me ethernet cable from my consoles
I never use it unless i want to get new updates for games or downloaing games.

and i will always call you out on your Ps4 "PSN".
I could go online right now for you on ps4...Let's go ;)

gangsta_red1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

"Lol, i don't need DF to tell me what i can see with my own eyes...they just confirm what i see as well"

Lmao, that's what they all say right? You rely on DF because you can't see or tell for yourself. You wait for the article to come out and then post what you saw in that article. And even the differences you might point out are very minimal.

Please skip over my other points about res and graphics, because so far you haven't proven anything (no examples, no links, nothing) that would merit a reason why a "no parity" from developers should be enforced.

I'm curious exactly what you and others want devs to add to the PS4 that couldn't be accomplished on the Xbox One besides resolution? What type of added content, gameplay or design can only the power of the PS4 accomplish through no parity that has been left out due to the game also appearing on Xbox One? Please explain that.

And you can stop trying to get my PSN gamertag, no way would I give that out to some random angry person on the internet just to prove to him I have a PS4. It's not that serious, but I'm flattered you want it so bad. ;)

Ezz20131163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )


Lol, i could give you repay with the links you want
But since you chocked out the moment i asked you about you so called "ps4 psn"
i will hold my reply till you post it

i will post my Psn now for ps4
have nothing to hide
don't need to pretened to own something i don't have ...unlike you.

Deal ?!

PhucSeeker1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

"What does it really add but improved particle effects? Frees up assets for other things like graphics, but does not improve graphics overall."

So what ? The destructible environment is not just eye-candy, it also adds new layers to the gameplay, Like Battlefield Bad Companny 2 or Red Faction Guerrilla.

In the demo, they pumped up the gun fire power to easily destroy building.

Also i think 3rd-party wont' be jumping on this. At least until they can see what M$'s servers have to offer.

maniacmayhem1163d ago


What a cop out.

He specifically asked what more could the PS4 due for games if they weren't held back from this "parity" that everyone keeps yelling.

I would love to hear some examples of games that would have been better and by better what more could have been added if the developers used the full power of the PS4.

Something tells me that even you don't know the answer to this and I bet you'll ask for my psn gamertag too instead of answering the question.

gangsta_red1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )


Exactly, you nailed it 100%. A lot of people love to think that one system is holding another back but when asked what it's specifically holding back, people always go quiet.

The only differences so far in these multiplat games has been resolution. There has been nothing changed about gameplay, design or anything else. Where some of these posters think what extra power the PS4 has will do for these games really has me curious.

Ezz20131162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )


Soo...just like i thought
you are a lier and don't own Ps4
i will make sure everyone know this the moment i see you in Ps4 article.

add to that please skip over me asking you to prove that the cloud offer better AI and other features (WTF are those?!)
Because you have no prove to back you up
just a punch of PR.


The 2nd thing i notice after gameplay in 3rd party games
is how the graphics are lacking compared to Sony's ps4 exclusives like The Order 1886,Driveclub,Uncharted4,Hori zon,Killzone SF etc
I compare the graphics and see how much better they look and that makes me a little mad that 3rd party developers don't try and push ps4 like them

Ps4 can do much better textuers,light effects,details etc than it rival system thanks to the much more powerful GPU and Ram.

and that's thanks to developers who admit that they are going for parity.
Like Ubisoft for example with Unity.
and on top of that both Ps4 and pc owners had to suffer thanks to this.

as you want no parity for your cloud
then it's my right to ask the same and not just for Res or Fps
I want graphics that look at least close to Ps4 exclusives.

and i never said any thing about gameplay.

gangsta_red1162d ago


So basically the only thing that the PS4 can do better is resolution. Which I pretty much already said and told you it could.

I asked what can the PS4 do better in regards to gameplay, design and features. What could the PS4 with all of it's power do differently than the Xbox One that would warrant the "no parity" moniker you and others keep shouting.

You only proved that it can't do anything with it's extra power. Which I pretty much knew all along.

Resolution doesn't really mean much when games like The Order, Killzone and others like it get mediocre or below review scores right?

Oh and by the way AC:Unity suffered because of the weak CPU found in both systems.

Sorry to burst your PS4 superior tech dream but looks like PC players suffered from both the PS4 and the Xbox One weak CPU.

Keep calling me out and ignoring the questions, every time you change the subject or spin it, it just proves how right I am.

Ezz20131162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )


So i just said the reasons why i want better graphics (not just better Res)
because Ps4 exclusives show what Ps4 can do in graphics in term of textuers,details,characters models,effects etc
while 3rd party developers are not even close to push Ps4 like Sony develops
and all you got from that that i'm only talking about Res ?!
Dear god, you need help

Also, i didn't ask for your opinion about those games being good or not...

I said those games are pushing Ps4 and showing it true power in graphics...and you just run to "Oh but those are not good games"
keep going with your spin
I'm loving this

and again i didn't say anything about Gameplay in any of my comments
I only talked about graphics
try reading next time

As for ACU
That was AFTER the game come out and people have seen how bad it was on Pc and Ps4
Ubisoft tried to blame it on consoles
to save it face...but no one belived them.

Ps4 and PC owners suffered
Xbox version not so much
It's clear Ubisoft didn't optmize the game for Ps4 or Pc in first place

Ubisoft aimed for Parity but F***** Ps4/Pc owners.

also, keep ignore that i asked you to prove that the cloud offer better AI and other featuers ...other than punch of PR

I didn't spin a single thing..don't need to
and i will always call you out
you are a lier ...that's all.

gangsta_red1162d ago


See here's the thing, you have no idea the difference between graphics and resolution. You definitely don't understand the term power. Maniac and I asked you a specific question asking what could the power of the PS4 bring in terms of gameplay, design and features that could not be done on Xbox One. And all you did was repeat and repeat about graphics.

You spent more time insulting and trying to get my gamertag than actually reading what Maniac and I was asking.

"and you just run to "Oh but those are not good games""

You don't need to ask me for my opinion. I asked you a question and all I got was, "grafix rox!!". What's the point of graphics if the games are mediocre. No one is spinning anything. Just making an observation based on your repeated answer of graphics, graphics, graphics.

"I only talked about graphics"

And I answered you in my first comment. I had already said that the PS4 had the resolution edge. LMAO! But then I asked what else can "no parity" do? And you came back with nothing.

"That was AFTER the game come out and people have seen how bad it was on Pc and Ps4"

It was the TRUTH, doesn't matter if it was before or after. You purposely linked that article to have people believe it was the Xbox One's fault and this was not the case. Ubisoft not optimizing AC correctly has nothing to do with the Xbox One as you commented before. If you're going to provide a link trying to prove a point how about you provide the latest link that speaks the truth, not a link that supports your bias against MS/Xbox.

The Xbox version of AC:Unity was just as bad and had just as many issues! You seriously think Xbox owners didn't suffer the same glitches, bugs and framerate problems!? Lmao...credibility is now in the low negatives.

"also, keep ignore that i asked you to prove that the cloud offer better AI and other featuers ...other than punch of PR"

Lmao! How can I prove it when you have already come to the conclusion that it will all be PR. Dat logic!

Ezz20131162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )


*Epic facepalm*
Res is just a *part* of the graphics setting
I talked about the overrall graphics
which have Res,Fps,Textuers,Detailes,Foli ge,effects etc
and you keep repeat yourself like a broken record that i'm only talking about Res

and you have no clue what Power term means ..if all you think about is Res
I said i want developers to push Ps4 in overrall graphics ""Textuers,Detailes, Folige,effects etc)
not just Res or Fps
If xbox is getting med setting graphics
I want developers to push for High setting graphics on Ps4

and again you spin my comment about graphics into gameplay when
I never said anything about wanting developers to push for better gameplay on Ps4
i didn't even bring up gameplay in any of my comments.
Gameplay should remain the same on all systems..have nothing to do with power gap to me.

Dat spin
My comment about "no Parity" is only about graphics...which have nothing to do with those exclusives games being good or not
The talk here is about graphics ...not gameplay or those games reviews
Like i said keep going with your spin
I'm loving this

""And I answered you in my first comment. I had already said that the PS4 had the resolution edge. LMAO! But then I asked what else can "no parity" do? And you came back with nothing.""

and again i told you
I don't want just better Res...i want them to push ps4 in not just res but overrall graphics
like Sony exclusives

About ACU
You can believe them if you want...that's your problem not mine
and No xbox version didn't suffer like Ps4
Xbox version had better Fps and was more stable Than Ps4.
I don't remember any one complain about Xbox version as much as Pc/Ps4 version
and you don't have credibility to begin with

""Lmao! How can I prove it when you have already come to the conclusion that it will all be PR. Dat logic!""

Damn, you spin soooo much
Yes, you need to prove That cloud offer better AI and your other featuers..Since you are the one who brought that up in first place
if you don't have a prove ..then again you have nothing.
and again you are a lier...just like you lie about your So called "Ps4"

""Sorry to burst your PS4 superior tech dream""

Lol, did you just said that with a straight face ?!
Do you think that Ps4 don't have superior tech to Xbox one ?!
don't have a much better GPU/RAM ?!

DragonKnight1161d ago

It seems none of you remember what #NoParity was all about. The no parity wasn't about a 3rd party developer being forced to make an inferior game, it was about a 3rd party publisher gimping a game purposely, not because they had to but because they had this nonsense idea that they should.

It was all about Assassin's Creed Unity and how Ubisoft scaled down the PS4 version to match up with the Xbox One version.

And Crackdown 3 is a very unique situation. For one, you're all demanding that that level of Cloud compute be available for all games. Well, what about games that don't have environment destruction at all? What about the fact that this hasn't been tested in the wild and even the Gamescom demo was still in a controlled environment with a perfectly stable internet connection? There's also the fact that no one knows exactly how the multiplayer is going to be so even though we've seen a demonstration of what MS wants to have happen in terms of destruction for Crackdown 3 in multiplayer, the Milo Effect is still in play until the game releases and is thoroughly tested by gamers in real conditions.

You people are getting hyped up way too easily, and usually when that happens a lot of crow is eaten when that reality check slaps you in the face.

And really, you're all just arguing for MS' original vision of always online with the Xbox One, so turn up the hypocrisy for any one of you that complained about the initial launch of the Xbox One and yet now are demanding Cloud compute for every game.

_-EDMIX-_1161d ago

@DragonKnight- Agreed. Mind you, we don't really know how much of that is really "cloud" and could "only" be done with cloud.

That is sorta hard to believe, as Crackdown 3 looks a lot like 2 in HD. As we didn't see this last gen...well we didn't have the hardware last gen.

The real comparison is a game that would do it this gen, its not being done because it can't merely because its just currently not being done yet.

When another game comes out that is all about destruction and its NOT based on cloud, I really worry about how many will feel commenting on how its not feasible without "cloudz". I don't see how a low polycount game can't do this off of next gen hardware solely.

I mean...consider that the game that does this doesn't even need to look anything like Crackdown 3...

I don't see 3rd parties supporting it as many don't even support features like PS4's touch pad or even fully support PS4's hardware in terms of maxing it out.

As....its not as if we have Uncharted 4 and The Order looking games by 3rd parties yet the XONE version looks like a 360 game lol.

I agree with Ezzz on this one.

@G-Red- "The only differences so far in these multiplat games has been resolution"

Yes..that is true...because they are not making exclusives, they are not using 100% of the hardware as they are making multiplatform games. They can't have one version look like The Order then another version that looks like Haze on the PS3, its just no fair lol.

I get why they actually do that as they have no ode to just take longer on one platform then the other graphically making it look really different.

Its why games like Until Dawn, The Order, Uncharted 4 etc all look better then what would be a 3rd party game on PS4, its just due to the focus on the hardware solely.



I'm fine not seeing 3rd parties have games like theses as I know its not feasible for them to just make 2 different versions at once. Your not seeing it not because it can't merely because its of no real cost benefit. I think many keep forgetting that their sole purpose is to sell games, not make games maxing out hardware features on both.

We didn't see all use 100% of Move, RSX, Kinect, Cell, sixaixs etc. I'm not sure why cloud would be any different, I'm not sure why PS4 better hardware would be any different. see some differences but only from resolution or frame, your not seeing it look like another game and no game on XONE looks anything like The Order, or Until Dawn, or Horizon etc. Its very clear PS4's GPU advantage can be seen with many titles and 3rd parties have no use for making one look better then the other, they need to make money on all.

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ZeroX98761163d ago

3rd parties could've put more effort into Kinect also, but most didn't. If cloud computing becomes an industry standard, then yes 3rd parties will profit from it.

Since cloud game stream was done on PC before, PSNow for PS4 and now this plus W10 local stream for the Xbox one, chances are we could see this kind of features being offered by all three in the upcoming years. Just like VR with Rift for windows, added compatibility with X1 and Morpheus with PS4, becoming industry standard will help 3rd parties considering supporting it.

As much as I prefer Playstation for my console of choice (Got a nice gaming PC also), the Xbox brand did great things over the years on console innovations feature wise. Every addition is welcomed and each company should always push the bar even further. We're the ones benefiting from it :)

lvl_headed_gmr1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

MS showed what their cloud can do and now lets hope 3rd parties will adopt it to make bigger and better games.

I just hope the PS4 doesn't hold back the Xbox One moving gaming forward. The PS4 wasn't designed around cloud computing like the Xbox One is so most likely 3rd parties won't be able to give the PS4 the same experience that would be on the XBox One. This may be an issue since developers try to make the same experience for all devices they build for....yet on the flip side, they always say they build to the strengths of all devices....

Either way, I expect the Xbox One version of all games will be held back because of PS4 basically designed hardware for out dated developing methods.


ninsigma1163d ago

There is no designing hardware around cloud. If the Console has Internet connection, it can do it. Just needs the servers.

Can't see multiplat third parties using cloud too much. It would effectively be making two versions of the game. That won't happen.

Haru1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

Translation: I hope all thrid parties use our cloud technology so we could have control over all games and force people to connect online to our servers and bring our true vision for 'always online' to life!

I guess Microsoft never really gave up on their always online vision

Good thing that will never happen since Sony is in lead and thrid party publishers aren't blind and can see trough Microsoft evil plot

Mystogan1163d ago

Not sure if serious or...

*Disagreed just in case*

Mystogan1163d ago

Sony fanboys went from

1. cloud is not possible hahaha!
Crackdown 3 comes out.
2. Sony can do it too with Gaikai!
Gaikai is not a Platform it's software.
3. Well Microsoft will allow Sony to use Azure because they're such good buddies outside of gaming.

b1nary_B0SS1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )


b1nary_B0SS: "Gaikai is not a Platform it's software."... Correction, Gaikai is a platform. It is also hardware and software.Cloud computing can be achieved on the custom PS3 servers that are housed in Gakai datacenters.

Evidence of this dates back to 2005 with IBM's CELL Blade Server prototype, IBM's 'Gameframe' and Hoplon Infotainments launch of Taikodom in 2008 which uses those CELL Blade Severs to calculate physics, animation and A.I in realtime. Ken kutaragi also made reference to server-side computing in 2006.

5/13/2005 - Bruce D’Amora:
*Slide 2 – Introduction - This demo is an example of a prototypical online game application running on a Cell based server… Our proposed solution leverages the Cell processor’s SPEs to perform some of the more computationally intensive processing required for a game server. We use the SPEs to perform a hybrid integration calculation required to compete rigid-body displacements in a multi-body game scene.

*Slide 3 – Performance - We were focusing on how a Cell Processor Based Blade Servers could be used to accelerate gameplay for MMOG… By streaming small integration workloads to all 8 SPEs and vectorizing the code we were able to achieve an overall integration speedup that was more than 8x that of a single processor solution. Since integration and collision detection accounted for the largest percentage of server side computational load, we concluded that Cell Processor Based Blade Servers could potentially be used to provide significant performance increase for online games that heavily relied on physical simulation.

6/19/2007 - Bruce D’Amora:
*Slide 1 - Cell Based Servers for Next-Gen Games - Cell BE Online Game Prototype

*Slide 3 - Motivation: Server-side Physically Based Modeling - Enable the next generation MMOGs & virtual environments - Current online video games perform limited amount of physical simulation - Not enough client CPU resources - Bandwidth & Latency between processing nodes prohibitive to achieving real time performance

*Slide 7 - Collision Detection - All collision detection being moved to SPEs

*Slide 8 - Server Side Physics Loop - Runtime steps: 1 – 6

*Slide 24- Conclusions & Next Steps - SPEs are very fast and can provide significant speedup - Ultimately grouping, de-coupling and network scene management should be moved to SPEs - Add more destructible-body and soft-body dynamics

b1nary_B0SS1163d ago


8/2007 - Page 1 - Joe Clabby:
Introduction - … And by using Cell based servers, Hoplon can rapidly update the state of a player’s movements through virtual space by performing mathematically-intensive calculations rapidly.

4/2008 – Svend Erik Bach: are/emea/se/lsu/LSU_-_zAtlas_Sy stem_z_Roadmap_October-November _2007-3-handout.pdf
*Slide35 - IBM and Hoplon: ‘Gameframe’ Project

*Slide 36 - Why Taikodom on Cell - HPC for Motion and Collision Detection - Physics Simulation - Realist Animation - Artificial Intelligence

10/20/2008 - MasterShake:
Taikodom Novo Gameplay 1/3

4/27/2009 - Tarquinio Teles:
Hoplon Infotainment, Brazil startup and maker of Taikodom online video game.
@1:10 - …this game here you are seeing, very colorful, 3D, real physics runs from a mainframe…

6/13/2006 – Ken kutaragi:
… Users will be able to connect to Polyphony Digital's server. So I want it to be a Cell server, with the number of Cells at a thousand to several thousand. This would allow us to maintain an entire cyberworld, as long as our power supply holds up.

* CELL server - 10/28/2005 - Nikkei Electronics:
Kutaragi proposed a cluster server using the Cell as a future server environment. A rack design combining 16 units, each of which consists of eight 2.5 GHz Cell microprocessors…

* PlayStation Network/Gaikai - 1/17/2014 - Eurogamer:
Sources who have been briefed on the project suggest that the new PlayStation 3 consists of eight custom console units built into a single rack server… Sony's engineers were able to mitigate both issues by shrinking the equivalent of eight PS3s onto a single motherboard, housed in a slimline server cabinet.

5/26/2012 - Eurogamer:
…what many people forget is that PlayStation 3 already streams gameplay over IP and, in some respects, cloud is a natural extension of that… the fundamental technology is already there… A single SPU is capable of encoding 720p at 30FPS at 5mbps… So, custom PS3 datacenter servers need not be that expensive…

9/17/2014 - David Perry:
To be sitting on top of a real data center is fantastic for development. We can go downstairs and do anything we want to the servers and put new servers in…Just to be very clear, we only do two things for Sony…Remote play…and then of course the cloud stuff, which was all network based.

4/27/2007 - Ken Kutaragi:
The design concept of the Cell processor is the network processor.

TOTSUKO1163d ago

Crackdown 3 may have fully destructible environments but the game overall is bland and unappealing. I know that its still in early stages but Crackdown has no likeness or even a great background story but they expect people to buy it just because buildings blow up? The overall success of the franchise speaks for itself. It will take a whole lot more than the cloud to make a game great. Just saying.

sourav931163d ago

With me primarily being a PC and PS4 gamer, I hope all MS 1st party exclusives make use of cloud computing in one way or another, similar to Crackdown 3. In that case, it might convince me to pick up an Xbox One down the line. With 3rd party, if the devs have time, I say go for it. If the devs can add special Nvidia effects for PCs, and can allow the PS4 version of the game run at a higher resolution/framerate or with additional effects, the Xbox One versions could include cloud computing effects, of course ONLY if it doesn't compromise the development on other platforms. Screw parity.

Persistantthug1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

I think you'd need Microsoft's 1st parties to actually build and MAKE A GAME (not just tech demo) first before any 3rd parties do.

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Genuine-User1164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

Can someone explain how a third party game designed with cloud compute in mind, that also uses Microsoft Azure to offload destruction physics won't translate to the other system?

Immorals1164d ago

Because the azure cloud is limited to Microsoft platforms.

They are currently the only console company with the servers to offer said services.

Septic1163d ago

Your links are confusing Genuine. I typed in Sony in the search bar and found nothing?

ZeroX98761163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

It's not like microsoft is the only one to ever be able to do it. If it becomes an industry standard, then the others will follow.

That's why competition is good to have. One pushes the other to be better. Good times to be a gamer whichever console/PC/Handheld your gaming on :D

Septic1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

I don't see why not. It would have to start with Yoshida and Cerny admitting they were wrong in their skepticism though and then, I don't know, approaching Microsoft, cap in hand, asking them to let them have use of the service or paying a premium?

That or MS could tell Sony to sod off. Why relinquish a key advantage over your competitors who are dominating the market? They can, and are well within their rights to withhold consent.

Insomnia_841163d ago

I say, wait and see until the game releases. This could go very bad from what I see.

Septic1163d ago


AH yeah definitely, we should wait but with things like 2-4MB requirement and the demos shown off for a game, it doesn't seem so far fetched now.

My only wonder is, what if they run out of servers? If one session can involve multiple servers, will 300k servers be enough?

Genuine-User1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

Why would Sony approach Microsoft for third party services?

The deal would probably take place between Microsoft and a third-party publisher.

Septic1163d ago


You think Sony can piggy back off a third party publisher and stealthily make use of the serivice? Lol nah I don't see it happening mate.

Genuine-User1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )


Piggy back off a third party?
Microsoft Azure is is an open, flexible, enterprise-grade cloud computing platform. If third-party pubs leverage cloud compute for destruction physics, who's to say they won't rent servers for the PS4 version.

Septic1163d ago

You're saying Microsoft has no control over its cloud infrastructure? That allowing third parties to use it doesn't come with restrictions on who they can sub-let the service to? I almost guarantee you that there is a clause in their contract of services preventing blanket consent to third parties to allow others to use it.

Sony can't just benefit from it willy nilly and for free and no third party will front the cost on behalf of Sony.

Godmars2901163d ago

Azure is as much, if not more, about general online information management as supporting game effects. MS didn't make it just for the XB0 but rather to compete with other such services. To become the main service.

jerethdagryphon1163d ago

Or you know sony could use there own server farm gaikai.

TFJWM1163d ago

If sony wanted to they could get the service from Amazon Web Service or Google Cloud, How much it would cost is a totally different story thou

Persistantthug1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

@Septic What was Cerny wrong about? He said that cloud couldn't improve graphics and he's still right.

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TheGreatGamer1163d ago

People have explained this to you, many times already but hell, I'll try again. Microsoft can subsidise 3rd party devs if they're going to be using cloud computing in their XB1 versions of their games to allow them to take advantage of Microsoft's Azure infrastructure. This doesn't translate to the other system because of practicality, it will be costing Sony a lot of money to rent servers, licesenses etc. and it just isn't economically viable for them as a business to do this. Maybe in the future they'll find a partner but even then the cost-benefit ratio might be too high for Sony for many years to come.

Genuine-User1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

I hope you're not speaking about your embarrassingly inept explaination in your messages and relevant threads.

How will it cost Sony if it's a third-party game?

Third-party pubs would rent the servers, not Sony, as far as I'm aware.

TheGreatGamer1163d ago

Jesus are you being serious or are you trolling me? I feel like I'm being trolled but there's a part of me that thinks you might really believe the stuff you're saying pertaining to this topic. As I already said, Microsoft will likely subsidize 3rd party devs to use the cloud tech in their game and then PS4 versions will be different as they won't be using cloud tech because why would Microsoft allow Sony's system to take advantage of this if Sony aren't paying anything? lol you need to go to business school pal

Genuine-User1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

"because why would Microsoft allow Sony's system to take advantage of this"

Is that a serious question? Money.

"if Sony aren't paying anything?"

We are not speaking about first-party content. You seem to lack basic comprehension pal. Third-party pubs will invest in their connected games. It's not that hard to grasp.

Aenea1163d ago

MS is a business, their Cloud Services is a separate division from the console division, if a 3rd party developer contacts MS and ask about them wanting to use The Cloud for their game but also want to rent extra server capacity for the non-Xbox One versions do you really believe MS will say no to them?

I don't think they will.

How awesome would it be for Xbox One fans if they can claim that the PS4 version of a particular game would not have been possible without Microsoft's Cloud Services? ;)

triple_c1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )


I'm just going to say this, you better hope the PS4 Isn't capapable of cloud computing because if it turns out to be true, prepare to eat your words. I have a good memory so I'm going to remember you lol. You Xbox fans have been saying Sony and the PS4 can't do this and have been bragging about this constantly and rubbing it in peoples face, especially you so don't get upset if it turns out that the PS4 is actually capapable of this as well and PlayStation guys start rubbing it in your faces. You guys are really asking for it..

gangsta_red1163d ago


Well for the longest time Xbox fans have been hearing that's it's impossible to have cloud compute, the internet can't handle it, it can only be done on a powerful PC and all other sorts of comments downplaying and calling what MS has in mind a lie.

So I find yours and other comments extremely ironic that now Sony fans are waiting for Sony to do the same thing after almost two years of not believing this type of tech could be done.

someOnecalled1163d ago

The point he is making is why would ms give sony their greatest advantage right now especially when is outpacing them in sales significantly.

Seriously why would the give their greatest advantage right now when they was getting dismissed by them with cloud and are still getting outsold in console sales. Like he said go to business school because doing that evn though would make ms money would be the death of xbone because their would be no more perks over ps4 beside some exclusives and xblive which its STILL being outsold. But I get it y'all want it too and that would make sony take the shine from ms.

It's obvious the two PS fanboys with all those bubz are not going to listen to logic. This is one industry where leasing out you advantage to your competition for money can kill ya. They focus on console and first party game sales, and online sub to make money so why would they want you to play on the competitors console besides theirs. Like people say if my console do everything the other do and better what the point and buying the other. Then I goes back to exclusives and infrastructure. The reasons I have brought a new console yet what's the point.

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Lennoxb631163d ago

A lot of people forget that you also need a certain type of hardware to take advantage of the cloud. Low latency hardware. PS4 has very high latency hardware. And using the cloud on the PS4 would make for a bad experience.

Aenea1163d ago

Care to elaborate there tho? Don't mention the 'move engines' since those do nothing for the Xbox One's cloud capabilities.

user99502791163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

I'm not interested in generating controversy, but one thing that came to mind from memory was the difference between GDDR5 and DDR3

"The memory is also fundamentally set up specifically for the application it uses:
System memory (DDR3) benefits from low latency (tight timings) at the expense of bandwidth, GDDR5's case is the opposite. "

"well said lol. you need faster memory for transferring larger amounts of data, that is why Gddr5 is used, but DDR3 is better for transferring smaller amounts of data. If you notice, DDR3 video cards have mainly 64bit memory bandwidth or 128 (64x2), while gddr5 cards have 256 or 384 bit memory bandwidths."

htt p:// /topics/whats-the-diffe rence-between-ddr3-memory-and- gddr5-memory.186408/

For instance, the tiny packets that come up and down in the case of cloud compute.

I mean, MS has been saying it all along and you would have to be ignorant not to at least recognize that XB1 is in some ways designed with the cloud in mind. It only takes a laymen to see that ESram and move engines are there to move around smaller packets of data. This has been known for some time (and constantly regarded as completely useless...).

All these factors together I think point to a pretty clear advantage for X1 as far as cloud processing. Not to say that it's impossible on PS4... that train of thought quickly broaches on speculation.

joeorc1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

Yup its not like Sony's PS4, does not include Spur's or..wait a

Many people are going to look quite foolish, but that's another baiting thread later.

And you also have to keep in mind the PS4 was built for the cloud also, just applied cloud Direction's from each company are pretty much already set. Microsoft's is more CPU, While Sony's is More GPGPU centric. End result "both already employ cloud based compute centric hardware"

Deciding what to do with is the blunt point.

Microsoft = offloading compute tasks to the cloud

Sony = offloading from the cloud for steaming.