Mafia III is brutal, bloody and narratively bold - Lazygamer

Mafia has always been about narrative, but a short hands-off demo of the third entry boldly explores some incredibly interesting themes.

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CongoKyle1167d ago

Mafia II was amazing. I had just finished Sopranos (for the first time ever) and had a blast!

morganfell1167d ago

If you haven't already then I would suggest watching Boardwalk Empire.

Yi-Long1167d ago

Mafia 2 couldn't really impress me. It looked great, but that city was DEAD in terms of things to do, vehicles to ride, etc etc. In the end it was just a very lineair story-driven game set in a sandbox-game, but the sandbox didn't have any fun stuff in it to play with.

That doesn't mean it was a bad story, or a bad game. The gameplay was fine, story was interesting, and I enjoyed playing it, but after it was all over I did feel a bit underwhelmed.

I would rate it about a 7, same as Sleeping Dogs.

Thunder_G0d_Bane1167d ago

And seems nothing like the previous Mafia. I'm out!

*slams door*

chrisx1167d ago

Good...Music to my ears

1167d ago
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